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What is I'm that nigga?

To agree with someone

Criminal 1: Yo dog, wanna hit up that store for some cash?
Criminal 2: Yeah dog, im with that

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I'm that nigga - what is it?

when ur black but ur also asian

black fella: wut up my nigga
black Asian: nigga im asian

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What does "I'm that nigga" mean?

a retarded and mentally deficient black person who thinks that the society respect him

A: where that nigga brah
B: prolly stealin shoes or some shit

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I'm that nigga - what does it mean?

feeling as to being that nigaga

I just farted and walked pass a ton of people, because I'm That Nigga

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I'm that nigga

The one and only Denzel

I wish I was like Denzel because he that nigga

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I'm that nigga


Shawn: Is it THAT NIGGA?

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I'm that nigga

A black male with a dominant and charismatic personality who inspires others through his hard work, responsibility, seriousness, and ambition.

Antron is that nigga.

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I'm that nigga

A person (typically male, can be black but not always) that is deserving of high regard and/or fear in some way, due to accomplishment, reputation, specialized skills, or a combination of everything stated. When spoken of, noticeable emphasis in the sentence is usually on the word 'that' when used to describe 'that nigga.'

If you want to get something done, you can go to anybody. But if you want it done right, I'm that nigga.

Oh shit, the one with the 22 inch chrome on the caddy? He's THAT nigga?

"Alligator seats with the head in the inside
Swine on the dash, G-wagon is So Fly
Number one don't tangle and twist it
When it come to these cars I am that nigga"
-Birdman, "Still Fly"

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I'm that nigga

That Nigga is a proper title which refers to a man who is usually black. Often very sexy, respectable, performs well sexually, and well liked and respected by all by all. He is an OG in alot of ways but not like an ignorant hoodrat. That Nigga while civilized can whoop yo ass. That Nigga often has some sophistication. People dont fuck with That Nigga

Girl 1: Ay you see him right there? He's That Nigga im tryna fuck him.
Girl 2: Girl stop he aint gonna settle fo yo ratchet ass!
Guy 1: Yo you see that nigga right there? imma mug him

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I'm that nigga

a special person who can achieve great things; the one for a job, The MAN, one who reigns superior to all others

Latarian: Yo when I get that job interview I'm gonna convince the hiring manager that I'm that nigga.

Bob: You aint shit!
Joe: Dude, I pushed 20 ki's last week... I'm that nigga.

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