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What is I'm sorry?

The best thing to say in a bad situation.

Example 1

male boss: I've been hearing about inappropriate rumors about my wife with you as the leader.
guy: So?
male boss: (angrily says), I can have you fired for this!
guy: I'm sorry sir.

male boss: (sighs): It's okay.

Example 2:

male cop: Sir, are you aware that you were speeding?
guy: (confused) Wha?
male cop: Sir, I can smell alcohol in your breath.
guy: (starts) Wait, there is a reasonable expla-
male cop: Sir, you're coming with me.
guy: (quickly says) I'm sorry sir.
male cop: It's okay, just don't do that again.

Example 3:

woman accidentally walks into guy.
woman: I'm sorry.
guy: Hey, watch it!
woman: look, I've already said I'm sorry!
guy: Take a hike!
woman: (cracks knuckles and approaches him): Excuse me?
guy: (looks down, faking to be ashamed) I'm sorry sir.
guy: (runs away)

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I'm sorry - what is it?

A quick relief for the guy that has so many ladies he can only handle a couple at a time. No matter how many things are said, the only response needs to be "I'm Sorry" After this response by the individual, everything becomes alright, no matter how difficult the situation.

Q: Why were you out with those other girls? I thought we were together? What is your problem? Why can you not commit to this relationship? How many times is this going to happen? Don't you have anything to say for yourself?

A: I'm Sorry!

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Video meme

What does "I'm sorry" mean?

A phrase people use when they're really passive aggressive and too cowardly to just admit that they're not really sorry. They tend to try to program potential friends to be their friends/slaves who don't even truly like them. Often, these losers phrases are used by controlling, manipulative, freaks.

Loser: "I'm sorry but, I want you to be my slave."
Winner: "F you, I am an American!"

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I'm sorry - what does it mean?

when a girl says this, shes really saying, FUCK YOU, NO, EWWWW, IF YOU EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN, I'LL BITCH SLAP YOU TO HELL!

Guy: Do you want to go out with me?

Girl: (as she pulls out a gun and points it at the guys head) I'm sorry but no.

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I'm sorry - meaning

A phrase that someone with low self esteem often says. Usually is related with depression and guilt. If someone often apologizes make sure they are okay.

"You're so silly."
"Oh... I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry..."
"For what? You haven't even done anything."

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I'm sorry - definition

Saying "I'm sorry" means you WON'T do it again.

"I'm sorry I hit you, I won't do it again."

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I'm sorry - slang

A phrase carelessly thorwn about by people who want to lessen their guilt. Does not actually show that they care about the person they hurt.

"I'm sorry for pushing you" "No youre not"

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I'm sorry

A phrase that girls use way to much, and usually for dumb reasons

*one minute later*
Girl:I'm sorry that I didn't text back faster
Guy:Hows it going
Girl:I'm ok
Girl:I'm sorry
Guy:For what
Girl:I don't know

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I'm sorry

A phrase that you don't really mean

I'm sorry.....not really

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I'm sorry

A word people use to much.

I'm sorry
You just said that

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