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What is I'm out?

An alternate way to say goodbye to a person, especially when you don't really care about them.

Chica: "Damn that was good. I came like 4 times. Was it good for you?"

Duder: "I'm gettin' my pants on then it's peace out I'm out bitch. Don't call me."

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I'm out - what is it?

is what arianastys use to get sugar daddies then we use the suprize attack of GLLLT POW IM OUT

Omg a sugar daddy sent you a dick pic say GLLLT POW IM OUT and block him

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What does "I'm out" mean?

something you say im poker
when you have no other fuckin options

"these cards are fuckin bad im out "

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I'm out - what does it mean?

A two-word sentance clearly describing the action of leaving someone's presence, often used in public areas to avoid long goodbuy situtations.

You out man? Yeah man, I'm out!

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I'm out

In games such as Modern Warfare 2, and in the military, meaning "I'm reloading".

I'm out, cover me!

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I'm out

When a gangsta leaves

Yo im outa this piece like a fat girl in dodgeball

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I'm out

Not agreeing to something or not interested.

Count me out.

Hey we're going to the football game, wanna come?

Nah, I'm out.

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I'm out

When you come to realization that you no longer give a fuck

Fuck this shit. I'm out!

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I'm out

Used to convey "It's over between us" or "I'm officially breaking up with you" (sometimes in the form of a threat) usually to a short-term partner.

"He didn't even realize what he'd done wrong so I told him 'I'm out' and wished him well."

"If you don't stop sleeping around, I'm out!"

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I'm out

Telling people that you are bouncing.

"Yo Homie, I'm out."

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