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What is I'm out?

When shit gets confusing, people tend to sing this upon exiting the room.

Man Number 1: *starts talking about computer stuff*
Man Letter A: *singing* FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUT!!

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I'm out - what is it?

An expression one uses to explain why he/she is so shit at playing a particular sport.

Louie: Dude you you are sucking balls out there............!

Rick: Yeah man I haven't played in ages, i'm out of form

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What does "I'm out" mean?

An expression used to explain why you can't do something that requires being in shape.

Pretty much just saying that you're out of shape, just not wanting to seem fat.

"I'll race you!"
"Nah, I'm out of practice!"
"fat ass"

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I'm out - what does it mean?

A two-word sentance clearly describing the action of leaving someone's presence, often used in public areas to avoid long goodbuy situtations.

You out man? Yeah man, I'm out!

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I'm out - meaning

In games such as Modern Warfare 2, and in the military, meaning "I'm reloading".

I'm out, cover me!

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I'm out - definition

When a gangsta leaves

Yo im outa this piece like a fat girl in dodgeball

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I'm out - slang

Not agreeing to something or not interested.

Count me out.

Hey we're going to the football game, wanna come?

Nah, I'm out.

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I'm out

Used to convey "It's over between us" or "I'm officially breaking up with you" (sometimes in the form of a threat) usually to a short-term partner.

"He didn't even realize what he'd done wrong so I told him 'I'm out' and wished him well."

"If you don't stop sleeping around, I'm out!"

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I'm out

Telling people that you are bouncing.

"Yo Homie, I'm out."

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I'm out

When you come to realization that you no longer give a fuck

Fuck this shit. I'm out!

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