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What is I'm like?

The number one reason and/or excuse for any situation. Also highly effective in college applications.

Them: "You just let three pigs loose in the school! How the hell were you able to get away with that?"

You: Cause I'm swag like that


Them: "Why should we accept you into our university?"

you: "Cause I'm swag like that"

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I'm like - what is it?

A phrase commonly used by students at WHS to describe oneself when perspiring alot.

The word "Broman" is the nickname given to David Hurst, an overweight student at WHS who is well known for the large amount of sweat that constantly drips from his body.

Ergo, I'm sweating like a Broman means to sweat as much as David Hurst.

Essentially this phrase is a hyperbole because ofcourse nobody could really sweat as much as Broman does.

Person 1: I'm sweating like a Broman.

Person 2: I know, it's like 40 degrees.

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Video meme

What does "I'm like" mean?

frequently said phrase that is spreading like wildfire. It's a very witty answer to any question needing an explanation for an action.

Often ends in "yo." fora a cooler effect.

Confused Person:"Hey, why the hell are you doing that?!"

Cool Person: "Cuz, I'm cool like that, yo."

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I'm like - what does it mean?

When you're feeling happy, outgoing and very positive.

This supports people who are feeling under the weather today

happy positive outgoing

Person A: "How are you feeling today?"
Person B: "I'm Feeling Like Lee!"
Person A: "I'm Feeling Like Lee too!"

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I'm like - meaning

You're not quirky get over yourself :)

"I'm not like other girls."

"Yes you are you're a girl."

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I'm like - definition

When a girl shows off.

"i'M nOt LiKe OtHeR GiRLs"
"Yeah you are like other girls"
"No I'm not!

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I'm like - slang

Powerful, stupendously funny, yet so real lyric of NY Rapper, Immortal Technique.

His raps are full of stuff like that.
Obscene, disgusting - yet so intelligent , metaphorical and potent to your ears.
My favourite rapper.

The only rapper who doesn't care (infact encourages you) to download his music off of the internet just to enjoy and play his music out lout to spread the message of the corrupt system :
'Burn it off the fucking interent and bump it outside, bump it out side'.

'Is that your girl, bitch get over here, Gimme some brain!
I'll bust off on her face, and right after that segment, she'll probably rub it in her pussy , trying to get herself pregnant!'

- An example from Immortal Technqiue's song , Obnoxious.

I'm like aids, you'll regret fucking with me
- Freestyle

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I'm like

The state of not knowing where one's soul is.

(Hint: Try looking behind the sofa.)

"I'm like a bird, I left my soul in San Francisco."

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I'm like

This phrase can be used when you do something good or fun.

I got an A on my test, cause I'm like that.

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I'm like

the beginning of every juicy gossip story. Because these people aren't exact they must just be like.

So she's like "that's a slutty dress" and I'm like "go fuck yourself"

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