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What is I'm dying?

A word that Kyle Johnson Baylen Levine And Lil Peej always use to comment on there fans post, when something is very funny. Love you guys 💚

Haha I'm dying

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I'm dying - what is it?

A colloquialism typically validating an outlandish statement to be fact. Often used in Southeast US with y'all at end of statement.

Penny told Rob and Shannon that Sandra was a ho. When Rob appeared skeptical, Penny followed up with "if I'm lying, I'm dying y'all."

Rob later read the bar's bathroom stall which confirmed Penny's statement to be true.

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Video meme

What does "I'm dying" mean?

Dumb expression stupid bitches say to make their lives feel more dramatic

Cassandra I'm dying...i had to get a flu shot today :(

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I'm dying - what does it mean?

A term that is used to tell others that one's own life is on the verge of ending.

"Please help me!"
"I'm dying!!"

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I'm dying - meaning

A term commonly used on the internet for when someone is laughing very hard or simply can't stop laughing.

Oh my god I'm dying, rip me. That was so fucking funny.

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