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What is Hot Bitch?

In golf, a missile of a drive that exceeds expectations and lands a great distance from the tee.

<John hits 350 yard drive down middle of fairway> - "Holy shit John, that was a spicy hot bitch."

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Hot Bitch - what is it?

An alternative to saying 'hurry up and get ready' when preparing for a night out, that will end in sex with waiting females. Said between males, or jokingly from a female to a male.

Dan: Where's my shoes?
James: Over there, speed the fuck up!
Dan: When we brew the grolch
James: This isn't a fucking beer commercial.
Dan: You can't rush these things gentlemen. We leave it to chill, for a fuller tase.
James fuck your chill, I'm hot and the bitches are getting cold.

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What does "Hot Bitch" mean?

Residents from Kalamazoo, MI who are too cheap to apprectiate the town's finer dining establishments and choosse to frequent the local burger shack.

"The new tapas bar in town has esquisite food and pricey drinks, not the enivironment for you Hot N' Now bitches"

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Hot Bitch - what does it mean?

Cold Hoe: Means a person who freezes up whilst their friends are getting beat up or jumped thus the word cold. Used in Cleveland Ohio at South High School.

Hot Bitch: A flat out bitch,lame,sucka. Hot is only used as a way to make the word sound more tough. Used also in Cleveland Ohio at South High School.

Cold Hoe Ex.
*Valley and Fleet walk down the hall*
*Quincy punches Fleet*
*Valley stands there whilst his friend Fleet Gets beat up*
Hot Bitch Ex.
*Cedar walks up to Longwood in a attempt to fight him*
Cedar- Man I heard you was hollin
Longwood- Who?
Cedar- Who else pussy
Longwood- *scared* No That Wasnt Me That Was Francis
Francis- *starts laughing* You A Hot Bitch For That One
Cedar- *breaks Longwood jaw*
Longwood- *still laughing*
Good Examples of Cold Hoe or Hot Bitch

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Hot Bitch - meaning

The look a girl gives you when you piss her off. The girl giving the look does not necessarily need to be a hot bitch but she can be.

Guy: You've been giving me these weird looks.
Me: No, that's just my hot bitch stare.
Guy: Your what?
Me: *hot bitch stare*

Me: She wouldn't stop talking about her cat until I gave her my hot bitch stare.

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Hot Bitch - definition

a girl so fuckin hot that it pisses u off that u cant fuck her rite there n then

god damnit look at that fuckin bitch

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Hot Bitch - slang

A female Hot Dog.

I'll have two hot bitches.

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Hot Bitch

A girl so fucking hot that it makes you crazy that you can't Viri her right there n then

Damn she one hot bitch

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