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What is Hoes?

A girl in a slutty Christmas outfit.

"Hoe Hoe Hoe! Look at that broad!"
"Yeah she's a fiesty one!"

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Hoes - what is it?

Someone who sneaks down people's chimneys and then fucks them.

Santa Claus is a hoe hoe hoe.

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What does "Hoes" mean?

Things Avyanie has

"Oh Avyanie? Yeah she got hella hoes."

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Hoes - what does it mean?


Having organized set of groupies that find you pleasing due to physical assets of the body and face.
Having options to a one night stand.
Set of attractive humans men/woman who find you to their liking.

Where the hoes at?

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Hoes - meaning

Something Samantha has

*scrolls through Samantha's phone and sees hella unsaved numbers*
Me: who are these people?
Her: my hoes

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Hoes - definition

When a sum amount of people are interested in you

You got hoes

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Hoes - slang

the f boys *cough* sway boys *cough* have entered the chat’

You’ve got so many hoes

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An insult that can either be used jokingly between friends or a word used to describe someone in an insulting way. Hoes only have dirt. Or a garden hoe. A hoe in a garden. Either way it can be used as a tool to dig trenches. I like to snap hoes in half though.

These hoes ain't loyal.

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The way a complete dumb fuck says Hos.

Hey dood! Two mny hoes r on my dik rght now!

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Nasty ass bitches that would do anything to get some skeet drippings in their mouth.

Hoes: I wnna lick your lollipop.
Man: Excuse me
Hoes: What is that a problem. I want some JUICE...

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