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What is Hindi?

A person that picks their nose and brags about it to everyone

She is being a Hindi

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Hindi - what is it?

Hindi is a cools asf national language of India . The slangs are so cool that u can see a dumbass take the piss out of a an educated person anytime anywhere in india. Hindi is life✌✌

Person A: oi teri pant mein chhed hai
Person B: abe gandu meri pant mein chhed hai to teri gand mein kyon khujli hori be..khud ki sakal dekh chutiye t*tti jaisi jaise Muh se h*gta hoga
(street hindi)

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What does "Hindi" mean?

A large family from a British origin.

A1: What's his name?
A2: His name is Shaun Hindi!

A1: Hindi?
A2: Yeah, but it's kind of pronounced like Indy!
A1: I see!

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Hindi - what does it mean?

A regional language of the North, predominantly spoken in BIMARU states - Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, & UP; Incorrectly assumed to be the National Language of India. India has no National Language.

Hindi is NOT the National Language of India!

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Hindi - meaning

It‘s a language which is spoken in India.

It‘s Hindi not „Indian“ or „Hindu“.
India is a country. Hinduism is a Religion.

Hindi is a Language.

Oh you come from India right? You must speak Hindu!“

„I met your wife, but I couldn‘t understand a word of Indian.“

„For the 100th time, it’s called Hindi...“

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Hindi - definition

a language spoken by a billion people, but not yet available as a language option in the dropdown menu of's new word adder

Jimmy: I learnt a few hindi slang words & tried to add em to urban dictionary, but they don't seem to accept hindi words
Rohit: Yeah, they are waiting for the number of native hindi speakers to cross the 2 billion mark

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Hindi - slang

Arey dudes, stop all this bickering na! We're all Indians and not matter Bollywood or Tollywood, we all want to be like a white person in America, right yaar?
Heh. Guys - India could be better without you sectionalistic people representing your own language...I'm Telugu and don't approve of what the Telugu person said...And I think everyone else said it not cool. Abdul Kalam, India's President and Father or Missile Technology there is from Tamil Nadu...Honestly guy, we're all Indian...Let's have some Indian pride, no "Hindi or what state you're from" pride or some "Tamil" pride...Ok?

Hindi's a cool language and the national language besides english of India. It's a lot like other Indian languages and it has a lot of "hai"s in it.

- Caise ho beta?

- Aapka nam kya hai?

- Me tumse pyaar kartha hoon.

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Hindi is a language which originates from devnagri or Sanskrit .

It is most popular language in north India .

I speak Hindi fluently .

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Hindi is a language.

Woman: What is Hindi?
Man: Hindi is a language, bitch.

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Hindi is the language spoken by 34% of the Indian population (Source: Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi).

People of this country sometimes might fight over many stuffs but somewhere in some corner of their heart they still love their motherland.

A: Hindostan ki sab languages sexy hain chale koi bhi ho hindi, tamil, tamil, telugu, hindostani, urdu, sanskrit, bengali, gujarati, marathi, punjabi, kashmiri, pahadi, nepali, farsi, arabic, english etc..
B: Sahi baat hai bhaai!
C: Hindostan hai meri jaan!
D: Changa fir bhaiya matt ladaai karo friends!

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