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What is Hayden Christensen?

1. a new term for homosexual.
2. the most attractive thing to ever walk the earth.

1. "dude, we should totally go out to a hayden club tonight and scam on the fag hags."
2. i would kill my mother and step over her head body to be near hayden christensen.

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Hayden Christensen - video

Hayden Christensen - what is it?

A sad excuse for an actor. Synonyms include Tom Cruise Tara Reid Kirstin Dunst Brittany Murphy and John Travolta

Hayden: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneoneonetwo

Portman: Shut the fuck up ya nerple

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What does "Hayden Christensen" mean?

Although this guy is deffinetly straight, he has the WORST acting ability I have EVER seen. He pretty much fails at his role as Anakin Skywalker.

Hayden Christensen: *Sappy Doofus Voice* Don't make me kill you...

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Hayden Christensen - what does it mean?

Plays Anakin Skywalker in the starwars movies and the greatest thing to ever walk the earth and SOOO NOT GAY! Born from my home town, Vancouver.

Hayden Christersen is just too cute!

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Hayden Christensen - meaning

A gorgeous and amazing actor who played the difficult character of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars 2 and 3.
Despite some stupid so called 'fans' of Star Wars,opinions of his acting, and how he shouldn't have the part, he managed to knock out like 400 other actors, despite being hardly known. Real star wars fans understand that he's perfect, because George Lucas chose him, and Lucas knows exactly what he wanted!
He's a really nice guy too. Starred in other movies such as Life as a House and Shattered Glass.

Fan 1:Woah, have you seen Star Wars?
Fan 2:Yeah Hayden Christensen is totally the best ever!

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Hayden Christensen - definition

1.the hottest, sweetest, most generous person alive and a person i know who's 100% heterosexual ;)

2.the definition of absolute hottness and sexiness

that guy is loke,totally hayden!

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Hayden Christensen - slang

The Hottest guy on Earth, who is also married to the hottest girl on Earth, Nila. Dark Blonde, Blue-green eyes, 6'1, a smile to die for. Everything a girl could want, except he's already taken.

What a shame Hayden Christensen is already taken by Nila, otherwise I'd definitely go for him!!

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Hayden Christensen

1. A Canadian born actor who has been in such movies as The Virgin Suicides and Life as a House.
2. The worst actor in Star Wars Episodes II & III and one of the many reasons why George Lucas needs a good swift kick in the ego.

Hayden Christensen is to Star Wars Episode II as Jar Jar Binks is to Star Wars Episode I.

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