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What is Goose Step?

A highly territorial bird, a nuisance around parks, if you get too close they will hiss and chase you away.

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Goose Step - what is it?

approach someone with the intention of causing trouble

i will step to that guy if he keeps looking at my girlfriend

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What does "Goose Step" mean?

Rush, bring drama or violence to.

Don't step to me, muthufucku or you get wacked.

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Goose Step - what does it mean?

challenging someone to fight, only used by a townie

(mock cockney accent) : oi u stepping to me cuz

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Goose Step

A 9 milimeter handgun used for blastin yo enemeez.

I blasted that nigga wit my spankin goose goose.

Shea's got a goose goose!!!!

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Goose Step

An overweight white girl with really bad style

Ha, lookit that Goose Goose with the nasty-ass Punky Brewster haircut!

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Goose Step

A humiliating act, usually done by your closest friend; when one is "given the goose" so to speak, one never truly recovers.

The act itself is simple: Sneak up behind an unsuspecting victim (preferably a friend, as being knocked unconscious is likely to occur otherwise), and as quickly as you can, with all of your fingers on your hand extended out together, poke them into your friend's buttcrack and run away.

A proper "Goose Goose!" is always followed by you vociferating "Goose Goose!" a split second prior to you fleeing the scene.

Luke gave Adam a Goose Goose! Luke will be severely missed.

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Goose Step

The act of rubbing a goose feather on someone's taint.

Guy 1: Yo I gave your mom a Goose Goose Goose last night.

Guy 2: Good she could use the attention.

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Goose Step

Stomping around pissed off and screaming. Throwing stuff around. Mad and making sure everyone knows it.

Man I could hear Dolo Goose-Stepping all night last night at his girl.

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Goose Step

Military march originating in Prussia where a stiff leg is kicked high and brought down swiftly. It was used to display the health and strength of soldiers. It is most famous for it's use in Nazi Germany during drills or military parades. Most countries today refuse to use it because it is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. However, it is still used in North Korea and other dictoral countries.

From The Last Crusade:

Nazi General: "What does the journal tell you that it doesn't tell me?"

Dr. Jones: "It tells me that Goose-stepping morons like you should try reading books instead of burning them!"

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