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What is Git up?

a person that is useless, troublesome or annoying, a fool.

From the english dialect "Git" or "Get" meaning "Gate". When using foundry sand to cast iron objects the access point for the metal, that is the funnel shape that lets the molten iron into the sand-mould was called the gate. This gate was of no use and would have to be removed from the final item and the item carefully finished to remove any blemishes caused by the gate. Thus the term "Useless gate (git)" was coined.

englishman: "Bwaaaa bwa bwaaa!"

Welshman : "Shut up and piss off you useless git"

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Git up - what is it?


If you want her to like you quit talking about your ex like an air-headed git.

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What does "Git up" mean?

Git is a free & open source, distributed version control system.

Hey Mark, can you get the latest version of the Linux kernel from the git repository for me?

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Git up - what does it mean?

A redneck exclamatory term usually said during excitement.

I just won a tractor race. Git Git!

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Git up

By definition it's a "rotter" or a despicable person. In reality in English it's a colloquialism that affords itself to a more a luckier fellow. Much like a 'bugger' whilst the roots of the word are offensive, the actual use is endearing. A lucky 'git', a wealthy 'git' and a sodding 'git'... when used right is still a mate. A friend.

It's more positive these days.

The origins are from the word 'geat' which were a Scandinavian people living in Götaland, land of the Geats, currently within the borders of modern Sweden. The name of the Geats lives on in the Swedish counties of Västergötland and Östergötland, the Western and Eastern lands of the Geats, as well as in many toponyms.

Shut yer face you lucky git.

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Git up

Total and utter tosser who is incapable of doing anything other than annoying people, and not in a way that is funny to others. Best used idly. e.g. "Git."

"You useless git."
Also: "Some total git has made it so that this example must have over 20 letters, hence this little add on."

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Git up

1. A completely ignorant, childish person with no manners.
2. A person who feels justified in their callow behaviour.
3. A pubescent kid who thinks it's totally cool to act like a moron on the internet, only because no one can actually reach through the screen and punch their lights out.

That n00b is behaving like a bloody git.

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Git up

Two word term meaning "to go" or "going."

"Let's git git!"

"Time to git git."

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Git up

It’s a hype word

Your mates just had 5 shots of vodka you shout back ‘git up’ to show support and encouragement

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Git up

doing anything fast and looking a little crazy while doing it.

rick: “when he snapped me that he was leaving we grabbed all our things and ran out as fast as possible, we probably looked crazy!”
rach: “yup, we were being an absolute git up!”

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