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What is Girls who eat carrots?

A person of the female gender who often consumes the orange vegetable commonly known as a carrot.

Jack: "Do you girls eat carrots?"
Girls: "Yeah."
Jack: "So you are girls who eat carrots?"
Girls: "We are females who consume vegetables."

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Girls who eat carrots - what is it?

“I like girls that eat carrots” -Louis Tomlinson

Meaning “I like girls who like blowjobs”

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Louis: I like girls who eat carrots...
Niall: 😂*WTF*
Liam: *you like girls????*
Zayn: *did you say girls??????*

Harry: 👁👄👁*girls?!?!?!?!*

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What does "Girls who eat carrots" mean?

A term, famously used by Louis Tomlinson, to represent girls who give good blow jobs

“What do one direction look for in a girl, now? What do we look for in a girl, boys? I like a girl whose got really really nice eyes. I like blue eyes.” Liam stated.
“I like girls who eat carrots.“ Louis said bug-eyed causing the others to laugh.

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