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What is GT?

A term meaning either Grand Touring or Gran Turismo, as Gran Turismo is Italian for Grand Touring. It is used as a trim level on many cars, almost from the conception of automobiles.

GT can also be used to represent Gran Turismo, as in the PlayStation/PlayStation 2 video game.

1. I own a Pontiac Grand Prix GT.
2. I own a Ford Mustang GT.
3. I own a Porsche Carrera GT.
4. I play Gran Turismo 4.

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GT - what is it?

1)A guyanese-oriented gang that started out in Liberty Avenue Queens,New York in the early 90's. Members wear green bandanas.

2)Term used by Guyanese for "Georgetown" capital of Guyana.

1)Aye fam,dem Gt coolie bye runnin dem tings.


-Where you from in Guyana fam?

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What does "GT" mean?

GT ~means go to

My bestfriend is my GT for everything

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GT - what does it mean?

Represents the capital (Georgetown) and people of Guyana. If you are GT, you are Guyanese.

Abe GT. We from Guyana.

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To get through. Commonly used phrase in Trinidad & Tobago.

Sanim : "Did you finish the MEB homework fam?"
Carlos: "I'm still stuck on it"
Ern: "You guys are so slow. I GT with all of it"

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Good times.

Mackin on that hoe was gt's last night. We should totally make her be our again sometime soon.

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Represents the capital of Guyana, which is Georgetown. If you are GT, you are Guyanese.

Abe GT, we from Guyana.

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It means Grand Touring, usually the highest model of a car, can be found on many cars including the Mustang, and the Grand Am, also in italian can be translated into Gran Turismo, a famous racing game for PS2

The 2005 Musang GT is far superior than any honda...... ever

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Get Through;
To be successful at a particular venture.

Parent: Son, how did you do in your exam?
Son: Norms, I GT.

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In terms of xbox 360, it means gamertag

GT is the definition I used

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