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What is Fred?

One of the best people on earth. Trustworthy, kind and pretty damn close to perfect. The best friend a person could get.

"What a lovely person"

"must be a Fred."

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Fred - what is it?

another term for Bastard

Oh my God, he is such a Fred!

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What does "Fred" mean?

The #1 most subscribed youtube channel of all time but doesn't deserve 1 subscriber. Fred is a comedy show that consists of some dude named Lucas Cruikshank pretending to be a 5 year old that does very stupid things. He speeds up his videos so his voice sounds high pitched like a chipmunk. At the beginning of every one of his his videos, he says Hey, it's Freeeeeeeeed. Thats gets very annoying. As of now, he has 1,260,536 subscribers and 52,953,967 channel veiws. He was formerly a member of JKLproduction but quit to start Fred.

Man 1: Hey, Fred is so funny!
Man 2: No he's not!! He's so stupid.

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Fred - what does it mean?

an awesome guy who is good at sports, and super smart. tends to have cool hair. Freds are cute, super super hot amazin in bed a perfect kisser and has a big dick, best friend you will ever have. good at xbox. laughs at almost everything, so great sense of Humor. if you know a Fred then you are lucky

girl 1: omg omg omg, who is that??? he is sooo cute
girl 2: o i don't know, but i'm guessing his name is Fred, i mean who else would be THAT cute

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Fred - meaning

Fred n. 1) a person who spends a lot of money on his bike and clothing, but still can't ride, Poser. 2) A person who has a mishmash of old gear, doesn't care at all about technology or fashion, didn't race or follow racing, etc. Often identified by chain ring marks on white calf socks. Myth has it that "Fred" was actually a well-known grumpy old touring rider.

Some Freds are actually powerful riders that just don't care what others think.

1. Me and Jerry were riding flat out when some Fred on a rusty, Schwinn World blew past us like we were standing still. We tried to catch him but he was too fast.

2. Check out that guy! He's 100 pound over weight and his bike is a Lance Armstrong replica. The dude even has the Discovery Team kit. He must have spent 7 grand. What a Fred.

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Fred - definition

The most over rated person on YouTube. He is a tennager that runs around in circles saying random things. He punches himself in the balls so he has a really high-pitched voice. Sadly, over one million people think his videos are funny. He has no talent.

Bob: Did you see the new Fred video? He's so funny!

Joe: *facepalm*

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Fred - slang

A person who does stupid, annoying, or idiotic things.

That fred over there won't shut up!

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1. A genuinely awesome and persuasive person who is so attractive, smart and cool it is sometimes intimidating for other people. His eccentric and outgoing personality can often be misunderstood as being arrogant and just plain weird though those that truly know him are insanely attracted to him.
2. An awesome person whose name has been tarnished by some douche bag on youtube who has ruined the name "Fred" for all other Freds

Person 1: Oh my look how sexy and intelligent that guy is I bet his name is Fred
Person 2: You mean like that annoying kid on Youtube?
Person 1: Eww NO! I mean an actual Fred

Person 2: OH Ok now that you put it that way he is pretty sexy and looks so much like a Fred

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Some obnoxious kid on YouTube who tries to be funny by speeding up his voice and making it high pitched. All he does is talk about random stuff in that annoying-ass voice the whole time. And yes, I've watched it and it is awful. I honestly do not know how people think this garbage is funny.

Person1: Hey, do you wanna go on YouTube. I think there's a new Fred video up.
Person2: No way, Fred sucks. He isn't even funny, he's just annoying.

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The giant fire breathing penguin that will one day try to conquer the world. Also the sworn enemy of Jeff

Fred is coming! Doom is at hand!

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