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What is Frank?

The really hot and sexy dork. The one that all Asians love. He is the shit. All guys hate him because he is to good for them. Not a pot head, but will do pot every so often. Girls love him, Especially Asians. Has a big penis, just what the girls like.
All the girl want to fuck him.

Your such a Frank.

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Frank - what is it?

A person that likes to have a good time,even if it is at the expense of someone else. Usually picks up the tab for his closest friends, Sometimes is considered the life of the party; during down-time this person will rest up for the next good time and think up ways to harass his friends (a very kind hearted person with an evil side)

Hey that person was so funny and cool he should have been named Frank

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What does "Frank" mean?

Frank, A real lad. A stereo-typical old man name but, generally a really nice person who is good-looking and is a charmer. Is usually really funny and a really good boyfriend and friend.

"Frank"- Hey you wanna catch a bite?
"Random hot chic"- Yeah mmmm.

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Frank - what does it mean?

The best friend anyone can ask for. Nice to everyone but if you get on his bad side he will make your life misrable. A complete romantic and makes you feel better when no one else can. The most sweet nice caring and kind hearted guy but also very sexy. He has a great smile and has stories to tell that are very interesting. He really cares about you and you would be lucky to have a frank.

Girl: hey ( sadness in her tone) Frank: whats wrong Girl: nothing really important Frank: well i cant let you just sit here all sad and not know so start talking Girl: ok and thanks for caring Frank: well i care about you

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Frank - meaning

Noun: A strong silent type. Equally enjoys getting outside for exercise such as Ultimate Frisbee or staying home and playing COD. Extremely good sense of humor.... once you get to know him and he talks to you! Usually is a fan of a football team NOT from where he is from. Loves his family and shows his feeling through actions not words. Enjoys humor such as Family Guy and can name most of the characters from Star Wars, always up for a zombie or sci fi movie. His faults are he can't stand ignorant people and sometimes people mistake his silence for anger. Loyal, caring and sensitive, this is the kind of guy a girl ends up marrying, she just has to get past the hard exterior.

A: Hey who's that cute guy?
B: Oh that's Frank.
A: Does he ever talk?
B: Haha yeah. He's really funny, but I think he said maybe four words to me the first couple times we met.
A: Oh hey that girl just went and kissed him. He's taken?
B: Yeah that's his girlfriend. She's so lucky. They'll probably get married, if he ever gets up the nerve to ask.

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Frank - definition

frank is the awesomest immortal being ever to roam the universe. He can do anything with his magical powers and large member.

That guy is immortal, his name must be Frank

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Frank - slang

A special guy that makes you feel butterflies in your heart when he looks in your eyes and makes your knees weak when he kisses you. One that makes you feel alive again.

That guy was a total Frank the way he made my heart skip a beat and my knees weak when he kissed me.

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a male who is extremely charming in manner because of their gentleman behavior, also has good looks and thinks that women are better then men, has high pain tolerance and like it kinky.

"oh my good frank is here i love frank he is such a sweet guy."

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(adjective): Honest or direct; Without euphemism.

(noun): A man who possesses tremendous variety of obscure knowledge or skill but does not display them frequently, thereby continuously surprising even close friends with his abilities.

" Hey man.... I didn't know your accountant brother could hot-wire a car!"
" Yeah. He's a Frank alright!"

" Anyone know where I can find a decent Taco in Hong Kong?"
" Hold on... Let me call my friend Frank in New York. He would know"

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A guy who has a killer smile. Daring eyes. And the sweetest heart a man could ever have. His kisses hypnotize you. His hugs make you feel safe. His presence is the best ever. He is the guy to fall in love with. To be with. He would do anything for you and your safety. No guy could ever compare. If you find one, don't let him go. He's far too worth it.

Girl: Who is that handsome man?
Guy: That's my boy, Frank!
Girl: He's like perfect.
Guy: Yeah, pretty much every guy wants to be him and every girl wants him. He's a great guy.

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