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What is Four score?

When a person fellatiates four of your five fingers at a fancy dinner table preferably. Dirty yes but not a thumbsucker, not a woman that can fit a fist in her mouth, but the woman you CAN bring home to mother.

Four-Score-Whore and seven years ago I knew the woman who became your mother would be my wife...uh first wife. Sorry about Tiffany son.

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Four score - what is it?

A stripper who is the age of 80 years old but everybody wants to nut inside her dusty vagina.

I'm more filled than a four score whore on New Years!

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What does "Four score" mean?

Four Score = 4:20
or "I'm so high"

"Four Score, and Seven years ago"
"I'm so high right now...And seven years ago."

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