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What is Fletcher?

Another term for gay

Girl 1: "Wow that guys pretty attractive"
Girl 2: "Yeah, shame he's a fletcher

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Fletcher - what is it?

originated and used in port chester new york by the infamous mig louch.fletcher, its a typical white boy name used as a great stereotype for gringos mostly from rye ,greenwich, harrison, and other white boy towns in westchester ny.

yo why is there alaways mad fletchers in hubbas say i wont snuff them hahha, nah b vatos in here are already on that and flip is waitin to scare them outside hahaha.

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What does "Fletcher" mean?

An angry blowharded asshole who often loses his temper and screams at co-workers at his place of employment.

Don would always lose his cool and scream at the other supervisors when he was having a bad day. Fucking Fletcher!

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Fletcher - what does it mean?

fletcher is a very hot teenage kid kid, all the ladies want him and he is known to be the greatest middle-school wrestler of all time. he is a BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he recently dumped his ex-girlfreind: megan fox. And he once beat up brock lesnar!!!!

idiot: i hate that fletcher guy
fletcher: *pwns that n00b*

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the fletcher: noun, verb. (phlet ~ cher)

1. to perform a fletcher, you must sleep with a girl the night you meet her at HER PLACE, this is step one (the most important step). second, the girl must either fall asleep, or pass out (if drinking is involved, which it probably is). third, you have to leave in the middle of the night, and, finally, fourth, you have to leave a small amount of money on her dresser and/or nightstand (a $5 bill is preferred).

a. leaving a business card or a note with your number is worth bonus points.

2. the purpose is to make a slutty or whorish girl realize that she is, in fact, both slutty and whorish.

3. this maneuver is also known as either:

a. the 'julia roberts'
b. the 'cheap date'
c. or the 'sleazy bateman'

"you remember that stupid girl from the bar last night? yeah... i totally pulled a fletcher, or, sleezy bateman if you will, on her. maybe now she'll realize that her way of life is not okay by any stretch of the word."

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a backwards somersault into the 69 position. Only works if the one doing the somersault is very flexible and athletic.

Kyle was trying to give Marissa a fletcher for her birthday but he was out of shape so he broke her nose.

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Not a terrible asshole like all the rest of the definitions would suggest. Actually a pretty nice guy, honest!

Man, that person doing lots of charity work for blind kids with only 7 fingers is a real fletcher!

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Often used as a second name, however when used as a first name the person named is one of the greatest people on the planet. Cool, good-looking, smooth talking and other attractive qualities, usually intelligent, not so intelligent that they are a social outcast, that is for your Micheal's or your Sheldon's but intelligent enough that they are not inept academically.

Usually, Fletcher's are not the tallest of folk, but they make up for it with their big yet lovable personality, also what they lack in height they tend to more than make up for in general fitness. They have many friends, but very few close friends. The key to becoming a close friend of a Fletcher is to give them food.

WOW Fletcher Is such an amazing all round guy. I bet he wishes he was taller though.

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Fletcher is a hot charming guy who can make a girl go crazy for his love he is an Ace student and has alot of friends and is the life of the party!!!

I saw Fletcher and he sais Hey I almost melted in a puddle of love!!!

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An amazing bright guy that will make a girl fall crazy in love and which she can not live without seeing him every minute. He makes her happy when she sad. You will know when you have met a Fletcher

Girl 1- I think I’m in love

Girl 2- That’s a Fletcher for you

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