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What is Fite Me?

Fight me in real life faggot

Often used in online video games and social media sites in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Player 1: I fuked ur mum last night
Player 2: U wot m8?
Player 2: fite me irl fgt

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Fite Me - video

Fite Me - what is it?

If someone doesn’t agree with you, then battle them in a German classroom with a Nazi teacher as the referee.

β€˜Layla drink some water, you need to sober up.’

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What does "Fite Me" mean?

Usually used in Australia or by Australians as an upgrade to fight me.
Also used in Connect 4 memes.

Person 1: Fight me, bitch.
Australian: Fite me cunt.

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Fite Me - what does it mean?

Fite - Fight

A slang term often used over messages when one wishes to engage in physical contact with another. Fite instead of fight is used because it shows that you are a cool kid.

Fite me biiiittcchhh πŸ‘Š

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Fite Me - meaning

A word used to aggravate people over the internet. It is used as a joke to signal you want to fight them. No one takes it seriously, and if they do it is because they are a squeaker.

squeaker: hey m9 fite me irl
MLG pro: nah m8 im 2 mlg 4 u, i hit a 1080 triple pistol switch quickscope noscope window shot while getting a triple positive k/d. il rek u

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