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What is Fire starter?

When you put a fire cracker in your babyhole and light it on fire for sexual pleasure.

Dude, last night my girlfriend and I tried the North Korean Fire Starter

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Fire starter - what is it?

The act of taking a puree of pine nettles, lighter fluid and some top shelf crystal meth, burning it and huffing that shit until you're hyped up for arson.

I was pretty apprehensive about committing a felony, but once I made a Cle Elum Fire Starter, I was ready to go burn down that retirement home!

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What does "Fire starter" mean?

A chick whose fat thighs rub together as she walks. The terms coming from how you'd rub two logs together to create a flower.

Yo...that chick has some fire starter thighs.

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Fire starter - what does it mean?

The act of dumping an insane ammount of lighter fluid into your girl's asshole, lighting it, then penatrating her flaming booty hole. Only for pros who have mastered all of the other 'Cleveland Sex Acts'.

Badass Guy: Aye man I gave my girl a Cleveland Fire Starter last night.

Lame Guy: WTF man?! That's horrible. You've been on Urban Dictionary too long. No one really does that shit.

Badass Guy: ... *give Lame Guy a Cleveland Fire Starter*

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Fire starter - meaning

The act of making a penis hard by rubbing your hands up and down the sides of the penis shaft in the same motion you would use to create a fire with a couple of sticks.

Could also be called a firestarter

Julie attempted to give Jerry a boner by performing a fire starter

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Fire starter - definition

A girl that dates a guy that later comes out of the closet ( announces his 'gayness').

Julie: Hey, LeAnn, what ever happened to that guy you were datin'?

LeAnn: Haven't you heard, he dates Mike now.

Julie: You mean he's gay.

LeAnn: Yeah, so is the ex before him. They hooked up.
Julie: Dang girl, you're a fire-starter!

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Fire starter - slang

1. A sex position during a threesome of 2 men 1 woman, both men insert their penis in the womans orphus, and the friction of thrusts between both male parties feels like you are starting a fire.
2. See also Crossing Swords

Guy 1: "Dude what was the name of that sex move we did with that girl last night?"
Guy 2: "O you mean the Fire Starter, yea its new!!!!"

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Fire starter

The act of giving a handjob without any lubrication.

She gave me a fire starter last night because we were both tired AF. Now my dick has a Indian rug burn.

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Fire starter

Really skinny woman or man who is sexually active'

Now that is what i call a fire starter, she is so skinny if you gave her a good hard fuck she would catch fire because of the friction.

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Fire starter

When two males begin rubbing their dicks together, like starting a fire with two sticks. Very much like frottage, but male only, without clothes.

Those two guys eating lunch together do the fire starter.

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