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What is FSS?

Fucking ShitShow. Used to describe a disaster of epic proportions. Almost as bad as a flaming dumpster fire.

This process has been a FSS from the very beginning.

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FSS - meme gif

FSS meme gif

FSS - video

FSS - what is it?

full send squad
does nothing but full sends

Grace- broooo let’s make the FSS cause all we do is send it

Ella- so down

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What does "FSS" mean?

Facial stripper slide

I fucked a nose and mouth in a straddle position yesterday. I love it when he lets me FSS.Nothing better than watching my pussy slow rolling on a face...his hands clenching my ass as encouragement

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FSS - what does it mean?

IM acronym for Fucking Super Sweet

Steve: I got the job!
Smith: FSS!

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FSS - meaning

Fap, shower, sleep

man1: SFS!
man2: isnt FSS better?

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FSS - definition

The acronym for "Fake Sickness Syndrome"
FSS normally sets in Monday-Friday before 8am. FSS is used to get out of everyday task like Work & School etc..
Symptoms of FSS consist of: Fake fever, fake coughing, and of course fake vomiting. If you have any signs of FSS please, dont dispare hope is there.

Wayne: Yo Jose is Kendall at school today.
Jose: Nah man that nigga got FSS earlier this morning.

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FSS - slang

acronym for Freshman Slut Syndrome. The period of time, often in the first weeks of fall semester, where freshman girls have sex with every guy they meet at a party.

I heard Jen fucked 5 guys this week!
Yeah shes got a major case of FSS

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Fosho Shawty

You: Yo we goin to da movies tonite?

Friend: fss

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Fat smelly shit

Dude 1: yo! did you just do a FSS?
Dude 2: Nah mate
Dude 1: I can see it poking out the bowl, you dirty wanker!

Can also be used as an insult

Dude 1: Leave me alone, you FSS!
Dude 2: calm down man, i was just joking.

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For shit's sake. Just for the hell of it. Just because.

Yo, I gave that bitch extra money FSS.

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