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What is Envy?

-a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.

Anna bought a new bicycle. After Meera saw that new bicycle, her eyes popped out with envy.

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Envy - what is it?

Being unhappy and angry at someone else's success. Also wanting to hurt them or ruin their goal .

Todd has envy in his heart because Jhon has a pretty girlfriend and wants to ruin it for him.

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What does "Envy" mean?

A fucking weird lizard who cosplays as a palm tree kermit while killing people

Man Envy is hot

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Envy - what does it mean?

1. To be jealous, or to want something somone else has.

2. Envy is A Homonculi from Full Metal Alchemist, He has long green hair And wears a Skort and a belly top, He can shapeshift to sound and look exactly like somone.

1. John envied Tom's new car.

2. Envy Is the oldest of the Homuculi. (I think his age is 400+ .)

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Envy - meaning

It wears a coat, and hangs out in hallways.

Morgan envy's Shelby because she doesn't need to wear a coat to hang out in hallways, unlike Morgan.

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Envy - definition

A newbie. See: chobo

OMG, you're hopeless! You're totally like Envy.

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Envy - slang

A sex god from Mugenjou High.

Your god.

The Gerudian King

Envy is the sexiest god and Gerudian King in history.

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Palmtree with a grudge against the world.

Envy: "Well that depends, I can be whoever you want. So who would you like, Mr. Fullmetal Pipsqueak? Huh? Maybe a taller a version of you?"

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a. Someone who hasn't deed it.
b. To get roasted like Eva.
c. To already come out at a Gay Parade.
d. Opposite of straight up cleva.

Envy: I gotta run up on that cat with the pump... yeah man

Eli: I got one question mayne tell me who next?..
This ni**a soft like a ni**a who dun gittin da best

see i'm the best mayne... I deeed it!
I.... (long pause)

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An androgynous homunculus of Hagaren who is able to change shape at will. A member of the 7 "Sins" group. See also palm tree, cactus, lightbulb.

We know Roy has many girlfriends, but how many of them are REALLY Envy?!

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