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What is Emptying?

An empty house, i.e. parents are away. Ideal situation for a house party.

Sam: "You got an empty this weekend?"
David: "Yeah, having a massive party."

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Emptying - meme gif

Emptying meme gif

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Emptying - what is it?

A feeling of hollowness.

I feel so empty now that he's gone.

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What does "Emptying" mean?

slang word for cans of empty beers, left over the next morning after a long night of solid partying.

"dude, help me get these empties in the trash before my parents get home!"

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Emptying - what does it mean?

The feeling, or rather the lack of it that one wishes to fulfill but can never/most of the time seem to get it right.


By the common standards of this website (AKA sexual references everywhere) when you are having a great wank and you feel so f*cking good but the moment after you orgasm, everything is gone (Quite literally).

1Taken from the song Uzbekistan by The Sound of Animals Fighting:

They're defecting us
They're extracting us
The world owes me nothing, it's given me a great deal
Is this emptiness part of being human?

2Dan decided that instead of joining his colleagues on a Saturday night, he'd spend his time on his room wanking instead.

As soon as he hit ctrl + shift + n, he typed directly on the browser's url bar the key words: "Kelly Divine anal" and proceeded to produce a monologue whilst touching his genitals.
"-OMG, she's too hot, holy shit, holy fuck, hooooooooooooooooooooooooly...... oh"
After ejaculating, all the temporary excitement seemed to vanish as Dan withered in a strange lack of all the good feelings he was experimenting.
Is this emptiness part of being human?

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Emptying - meaning

A feeling of no emotion

Some nights people lay in bed alone feeling emptiness

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Emptying - definition

When someone trying to get money from an ATM thinks there is something wrong with the machine and repeatetly tries swiping his card but in reality he is broke

A friend calling me on the phone:
"dude, where are you? there are tons of hot chicks at this party!
"sorry, I am stuck behind some douche at the ATM, I don't think he realizes he is AT-Empty

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Emptying - slang

when someone has their house to themselves due to their parents being on holiday etc. usually resulting in parties, booze, drugs, clunge and the occasional 'mad cunt' who turns up just to cause trouble by 1. stealing your microwave or 2. shitting in your kettle

wee davie has an empty this weekend, plenty of booze, burds and it'll be full of mad cunts!!

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My breasts are empty. Like two empty socks dangling beneath my clavicle

Someone has let the air out of these balloons for sure

My tits are so empty, soft and floppy

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When you're filled with so much sadness and loneliness that you can no longer feel it because you're so use to it and you yern to feel something but you can't because you're blank and it seems like no one fix how broken you are or save you from your despair.

1.) I'm so empty, I just want to feel something.

2.)No one can save me from my emptiness.

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Empty can of beer. Seldom found alone, it prefers the company of other 'empties' and has even been known to socialise with other brands.

1) Where do I put my empty?
2) Throw your fuckin empties out the window
3) Throw your empties on Mick's lawn when we drive past..heheheheheh

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