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What is Ella?

Ella is the most amazing person you would ever meet, she has brown hair and brown eyes and a big smile. She is beautiful and lovely to all her friends even though they can be bitchy. She is extremely sexayy and gets loads of attention from the boys. She is perfect and doesn't know it, she has cute laugh and always puts others first. Ella has the perfect body and one day will be famous. She's cool and quiet which is a good thing as she's not over confident. She hates it when people act big-headed and also she is faultless. There is one word for Ella and it's perfection! Ella rules the world.

perfect faultless ella amazing

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Ella - what is it?

A name of a very nice girl who tries to see the best in everyone and likes most people. you have to be a real jerk to have Ella not like you. She is always nice and always acts like a kid, thats a good thing btw. She is also a god at basketball.

Ella is so nice to everyone

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What does "Ella" mean?

Ella is a sweet, loving, and caring friend. You can always count on her. If you treat her badly she will show you your place. She has a fantastic voice. She is so sweet. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life.

You see that girl Ella. Ya she fine.

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Ella - what does it mean?

Someone named Ella is smart, kind, loving, usually shy the first time you meet her, but once she finally gets comfortable with being around you, you’ll be begging her to be quiet. She’s fun to be around. Ella is a wonderful person, and very beautiful.

Friend 1 - Wow look at Ella, she’s stunning.

Friend 2 - yeah she really is, I wish I looked like Ella.

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Ella - meaning

Ella is an amazingly fun person that lives to have a fun time. Nobody can ever dull her sparkle. She sticks up for her friends and loves them like sisters!!!

My friend Ella can rule your world!!!!

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Ella - definition

The most gorgeous woman ever seen. Known to randomly throw out little adorable and hysterical one-liners. Very artistically talented. One who has no true idea of her true beauty, both inside and out. A very very special woman that has the love and admiration of a person willing to do almost anything for her

She was a real ella on the dance floor. I could tell by the way she moved and the genuine laughter around her.

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Ella - slang

Probably one of the best people you'll ever meet
Beautiful but doesn't quite know it.

Gets nervous easily and is very precise
Tries hard and a great athlete
Soo sweet and kind
Loves films and sweets nights
Tendency to be a disnerd
Such a great friend to have
Hold on tight to an Ella

Laura: hey, what are you doing?
Sofia: just about to watch a Disney film
Laura: let me guess... you're with Ella?
Sofia: you know it

Josh: aw just had the sweetest chat with this beautiful girl
Leon: you got to talk to an Ella? Lucky!!

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Ella is a very intriguing girl. She has many sides to her, which all differ greatly. To begin, she is naturally beautiful, but she doesn’t quite realize it. She is also an artist in multiple ways, wether it be physical art, music, or poetry. Ella is also a bit of an athlete, spending much of her free time in athletic programs. However, if athletics and art isn’t enough, this girl does it all. Joining many clubs and performing acts of voulenteer work makes Ella feel better about herself. Her biggest weakness and worry is self deprivation and anxiety. She puts too much pressure on herself, and often try’s to do too much. She is a wonderful student and/or excelled at her job, as she puts much time and energy towards it. Always wanting to be better at everything does take its toll. Ella can also be a target for bullying, which is especially hard for a girl like her who needs reassurance from others to consider herself worthy.

Ella is doubtful of herself, but kind at heart.

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A girl that no one really knows and no one will ever figure out. Ella's always have amazing eyes, the kind that you don't notice right away. These girls are a LOT smarter than they act, and good with words. Ella's are often insecure and depressed, but they are amazing at hiding it from other people. And most prominently, Ella is beautiful.

Devin: Damn, who's that girl? Is she new here?
Jo: Yeah, she moved last week. Needless to say, she's an Ella.

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Usually brunette with gorgeous eyes. She is a loyal friend and will always be there for you no matter what. Can be insecure, but to others see that she is beautiful inside and out. Empathy is like her with sense, and she has such a huge heart. Ella has a very bubbly personality and you can often spot her singing or dancing around. She has a very vivid imagination and likes to dream big, sometimes her mind wanders and she becomes absorbed in her own little fantasy world. She has a good sense of humour and can make you smile even on your worst days. Makes sure you are there for her the way she is for you, and even if she tries to push you away, don't you ever give up on her. Anyone would be lucky to have someone like her in their life.

Keep dreaming love xx

"I wish I looked like Ella"

"I know, she's gorgeous isn't she"

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