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What is Eee-o eleven?

a cringy way of of saying eleven and you roll your es also, the o is kinda like, if you say eleven with extended es you'll see. Oh and it's also a meme.

the cringy kid said eee-o eleven when i asked him his favourite number.

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Eee-o eleven - what is it?

1. A song by Sammy Davis Jr.

2. A term for a perfect Craps game gone sour

3. A Concept for which a person wishes and acheieves the perfect life. you have money, power and so many ways to show it off. With A block long limo with its driver, a penthouse with spending money laying about, and good looking people surrouding you. and then suddenly Its taken from you in an instant. like as if a single dice roll destroyed your life and your dreams.

Eee-o Eleven Strikes again ha ha with its patent pending tragic irony.

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