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What is Edwards?

Edward is an English name that means "wealth protector". Edward is a kind, gentle, selfless, loving person. He is very passionate, an amazing lover, a steadfast companion, with a remarkable sense of humor. Edward is very loyal, down to earth, protective, and loves with all of his heart. He is the love of my life..........

Edward, Ed, Eddie, Teddie

You haven't been loved, until you've been loved by Edward!!

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Edwards - what is it?

When a person observes or otherwise hangs around another person IRL (whether it be friend, stranger, or object of misplaced infatuation) without the latter's knowledge. Compare stalking. Phrase originates from the nature shown by Edward Cullen of Twilight, whose obsessive behaviour has been mistaken by millions of young girls as twu lub.

Variants include the past tense 'Edwarded', and 'an Edward' to describe the individual him (or her) self.

"I can hear you breathing around the corner. You fail at Edwarding."

"Damn it, why are you sitting outside my window at 3:00 in the morning?! Stop Edwarding me!"

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What does "Edwards" mean?

The best person in the world

No one is better than Edward

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Edwards - what does it mean?

Edward is a person who can choose to be loyal or not he is funny and irritating but cool to hang around he can be a good listener but only a friend.....

His name is Edward.

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Edward is the most amazing boy!

You will be lucky to have him in your life.
He is funny, I trust him, he is kind, caring, loyal.
I love him so much!
He is one perfect boyfriend and I love him with all my heart
I am lucky to have found you Edward !

I Love You Edward For'ever and Always xxxxx

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When someone comes on your face and throws glitter all over it before you can wipe it off.

AKA: Rannefeld Glitter Bomb

You just got Edwarded!

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(noun.) A guy who is extremely talented and sweet. He's really funny and he's an awesome friend. Don't mind his occasional weirdness or random outbursts of singing, he means well. Don't be surprised if you end up falling for his good looks either! You won't regret meeting an Edward.

"Some day i will meet an Edward."

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Edward is someone who will come into your life unexpected, & someone you can never regret in meeting. He has a great sense of humor, full of sarcasm, charming, smart, corny, but most of all hard-headed. Though that's what makes him who he is, & he makes a great boyfriend too.

Ed, Eddie , Eddie Bear, either way I love you ;) love tots

Get you an Edward

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The act of ejaculating in your sister and screaming "GANG WEED"

Dude did you hear? Jacob pulled off an Edwards!

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Means that you are a talented skier. You have the ability to acomplish your dreams and it is the best last name, period!

I wish I had the last name "Edwards".

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