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What is Eaton Dry Bum?

This is the process by which an Eaton schoolboy gets initiated in to the rowing club whilst wearing Eaton coloured lycra and the rowing captain nominates one of his chums to anally enter the schoolboy candidate. The nominated chum is using a crumpet with no butter (important, it should be dry), topped with smoked salmon. The Eaton chum is required to consume Prosecco via the privileged crumpet system and if the captain of the rowing team does not think his consumption is a suitable rate he has the option of using dill to tickle his ear or replace the glass for a bottle. If the chum cums first or the rowing candidate screams to stop then whoever is first has to eat the crumpet and smoked salmon. That's the game!

Have you got any butter, or are we going to do the Eaton Dry Bum?

What do I have to do to get the job? Is it the Eaton Dry Bum?

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Eaton Dry Bum - video