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What is EEEEeeeee?

EEEEEEEE was said by Christina Mckelvey when she was mad. This shows her goofiness when she is screaming


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EEEEeeeee - meme gif

EEEEeeeee meme gif

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EEEEeeeee - what is it?

EEEE is the expression of ''AWW'' when you see a cute animal or a dog. pronounced (E) with a 2-3 second long exhalation during the saying

Andrew: look at that Poodle over there!!!!!

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What does "EEEEeeeee" mean?

An exclamation of delight and glee. It is often spoken when greeting someone for the first time and should be proclaimed in a relatively high pitch.

Eeeeeeeee... dude, it's so great to see you. Let's go take a load off.

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EEEEeeeee - what does it mean?

A way of expressing the void that fills your brain when you don't know how to respond to a certain comment. The phrase "eeeeeeeee" symbolizes your body going limp from this feeling, and your finger just so happens to be pressing down on the E key on your keyboard.

A: "I think I have liver cancer or something."
B: "eeeeeeeee"

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