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What is E6?

typically stupid yutes use this word to say theyre from a postcode from london e6 or e1 they would uaually put this infront of their usernames to show theyre a badman but theyre not

theyre typically wastemen


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E6 - what is it?

Christine Daae’s Highest note in The Phantom Of The Opera

(Christine, hitting an E6.) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

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What does "E6" mean?

East6 - A part of East London that often has beef in it. These ends usually have beef between the Asians and the Blacks. E6 ends, westernly at Green Street- which is a central place for Asian people - (where Barking Road meets Green Street up until Forest Gate), easternly at Barking Road (where the A406 meets the rest of the motorway/freeway), northernly at Plashet Grove (where High Street North meets Plashet Grove and East Road) and Southernly (where High Street South meets Lonsdale Ave and Beckton, although part of Beckton are still considered E6.

- All those boys are reppin E.6. we can't mess with them
- E.6. brehs are minor you ain't got nothing to worry about.
- E.6. is the same as E6.

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E6 - what does it mean?

a shortened way of saying E621

Im going to go home and boot up E6

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a place of no return, where one's actions add up to a punishment worse than hell

teacher: "go to E6"

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