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What is Dood?

dood is a name for an Arab subculture , in witch people find the need to wear nike hats and adidas tracksuits, and a golden neck , they typically drive a mitsubishi super-lancer or a siat ibiza , most of them are called tamer , they make sure everyone thinks there rich and drive like assholes and have a horrible taste in music

dood check my black rims (jantat)

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Dood - what is it?

alternate spelling for dude. See dude

1. "Dood, did you see that?"
2. "Man, that dood is messed up."

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What does "Dood" mean?

A term to refer to someone's cohorts, esp. close friends, NOT simply a second-person reference, unlike the word dude.

Dude, Derek's a pretty cool dood.
I'm in your base, killing your doods.

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Dood - what does it mean?

A word that means the same as dude but was started by a group of reincarnated demon penguins called the Prinny Squad in a PS2 videogame called "Disgaea". It is an awesome game.

Let's play baseball dood!

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Dood is the Dutch word for Death..

kut, mijn hond is dood ( fuck, my dog died)

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This must be put at the end of every sentence a Prinny speaks.

However, this rule has become fairly optional, since Prinny Kurtis and Big Sis Prinny don't use "dood" in their dialogue at all. Some Prinnies have trained themselves to use it less often, though they are ridiculed. There are various other rules when using the word "dood", such as:

It is not a real noun; people are not "doods". For example, "Master Dood!" for "Master Etna!"

It cannot be used in puns. For example, "Just doing my dood-y, dood! Tee-hee!"

Eyaah! So this is the murder scene, dood?! Why the hell was that still here, dood?! Dood, what's going on, dood?! Dood!

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A better way to spell "dude."
What prinnies say a lot in Disgaea.

Prinny: Aye aye dood!

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poop upside down

poop = (turn monitor upside down) dood

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1.A word you use to refer to your close friend.
2.A word you use when you are mad at someone.
Dood can also be dragged out to look something like doooooooooooood.
3.Someone that likes getting their dick sucked while eating pussy(69).
4.A word used when someone wants to argue with you but you don't want to hear what they have to say. It's kind of like plugging your ears and saying la la la la over and over again to drown out the noise of the other person.
5.What you say when someone is fucking with you and you want them to stop.
6.A misspelling of the word dude often used by "Lol Cats".
plural: Doodz,Doods

1.Whats up dood?

2.Goddamn it Dood! Thats my cupcake

3.I bet he's a dood. More like a dooooooood

4.(other guy)I told thats my cupcake but you ate it anyway!.(you)Doooood doood dood, thats all you say anymore.

5.Stop it Dood your pissing me off!

6.We are in ur base killin ur Doodz!

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The superior way to spell "dude."

J: Yo dood did you do the math homework?
Steve: Hell no.

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