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What is Donald Trumps?

A racist little 9 year old that is an orange.

Vote Donald Trump out.

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Donald Trumps - video

Donald Trumps - what is it?

The orangest man you'll ever meet

Donald trump is a orange

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What does "Donald Trumps" mean?

The act of defending your words or actions by talking about how someone in a different and unrelated situation did something else.

I caught her cheating on me, and instead of an explanation, she just kept Donald Trumping about how all my friends cheat.

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Donald Trumps - what does it mean?

The Act of grabbing someone by their genitals.

I love Donald trumping on a Friday night.

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Donald Trumps - meaning

Bullshitting all day. Saying nothing that matters. Bullshitting crap bullshit

Person1: Man you know Rayn, I hate that nigga

Person2: Why ?
Person1: He just keep Donald Trumping all day.

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Donald Trumps - definition

The act of being the most shitlicking, sexist, homophobic piece of shit the world has ever seen. All while wearing a poor excuse of a wig that looks like a dead animal they had just plucked off the street one day and put it on their fuckin' baldas head, fuck like, balder than King Neptune. Holy fuck.

"Silly faggots! Dicks are for chicks!"
"Yeah, yeah. Just make me a sandwich, bitch."

"Kys or stop trumpin', fagmat"

Donald Trump Trump asswipe Donald Trumpin'

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Donald Trumps - slang

The act of beating off to one's own daughter while simultaneously spouting nonsensical, and often times racist, bullshit that panders to the lowest common denominator of people, i.e. racist, inbred, cousin-fuckers.

Guy1: "Wanna go to the bar after work tonight?"

Guy2: "Sorry, I can't tonight. Some Muslim guy moved in down the block so I have a long night of Donald Trumping ahead of me."

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Donald Trumps

When a person is passed out you shave the middle of their head and jizz in their hair and combover the bald spot

When JJ passed out from drinking we gave him The Donald Trump

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Donald Trumps

The act when you talk up your sex game and making it seem like you're the greatest, but then fail miserably, bitch and blame Obama, democrats or illegal immigrants for your lack of skill and disappointing performance. May also call the woman fake news if criticized.

Girl: "I expected something satisfying, but you gave me The Donald Trump"
Guy: "Damn radical left, they ruin everything!"

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Donald Trumps

The most amazing president on the earth. he gave 5 million black Americans jobs and healthcare, he will win in 2020

did you see donald trumps speech?
yea, he's totally gonna win

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