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What is Dominant?

Dominic is the bestest friend you could get in the world i swear. He is the bomb. You know what..No he isnt just going to be a best friend. He is like going to be a whole family in one person and you would love him for a fact. A Dominic is perfect way to talk about anything!!!!! They are FUNNNYY AS HELL. Suportive. always there for you. doesn't and won't take bullshit for a exuse or any of that. He is the type of friend that you could spend years with and never get tierd of :) So if you had him as a brother or something (rare) :D Go and get one! they are so rare. If you get a dominic mad though, Hell is broken out. Like he will stand up for what he believes. be the most funniest person you can talk to, yet still be serious at the same time (maybe) He can make your day in less then a minute. I promise you would be lucky to have one as a friend

Camila: :( I really need a Dominic :(

Hannah: OMG they are amazing you SOOOO need to get one!!!!!!!!

Camila: OMG REALLY?? Thanks!!!

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Dominant - what is it?

A nigga who ain't shit and will leave u over the prettiest of things. The most unloyal nigga you'll ever meet although he doesn't get hoes.

Dominant is the most unloyal person you'll meet.

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What does "Dominant" mean?

When something happens that is great or good

jack: ok then its sorted
greg: dominant

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Dominant - what does it mean?

I am a dominant female

I am a #dominant female.I like men to do what I say no questions asked

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A dominant is Dwight with a box of KFC chicken in a shelf if you come close he'll jizz on ya in defence

Vote yo Nama man who is a dominant is in control

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When something is either good, very good, or absolutely awesome.

Pat Carey: Dude, you ever hear of bagels n butter dude?
Turner: Um... yeah.
Pat Carey: Dude, it's DOMinant.

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Having power and influence.

Josh is dominant at life.

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Someone who likes to take control over the other partner in the relationship. Usually a male who like to act sexual and in charge over the other person

damn owen, you sure are dominant when you slam me against the closet and tie my hands up

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Within the BDSM world the Dominant sets behaviours, customs and rituals involving the submission of one person to another in an erotic episode or lifestyle. Physical contact is not necessary and instruction can be carried out via telephone, emails etc. However, it can be an intensely physical relationship crossing into sadomasochism. Both parties take pleasure or erotic enjoyment from dominating or being Doninated. The superior position is called Dominant while those who take the subordinate position are called submissive.

A submissive may say. "I trust my Dominant as I know ultimately their decision is the best thing for me."

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The person in BDSM who dominates or controls the wordsubmissive/word partner. A dominant can be either a full-time Mistress or Master, or simply a top (the person doing the tying up or whipping, etc.)

The best kind of dominant is confidant and mature in their street life, too.

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