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What is Dog shot?

Drop a bomb of drone in a vodka red bull, you get a pop dog shot splitter, bitch

can i have a pop dog shot splitter?
go to hell.

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Dog shot - what is it?

A bad photograph of an individual, taken when the subject isn't aware.

"Omg, I just took a dog shot of her!"

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What does "Dog shot" mean?

an ugly ugly ugly woman.

that chick is dog shot

75 87

Dog shot - what does it mean?

A shot to hit someones dick


81 99

Dog shot - meaning

a women that takes it up the arse

Betty bent over the chair and took it dogshot

Billie lent over the counter and a bloke took her dog shot

155 183

Dog shot - definition

During a game of downball/four-square or some variation in which a 'mate' knowingly hits it in a place you cannot return it from so as to move up a square and get you out

That was such a dog shotmate

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Dog shot - slang

Aussie def - to be hit when you're not looking

some c#nt dog shot me.

183 77

Dog shot

Hit from the back of the head

Some motherf***er dog shot me in a fight

85 29

Dog shot

aussie def - to be hit when you are not looking

A girl asked for a hug and then her boyfriend came and dog shot me.

709 179