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What is Dirty?

(1) To be in possession of an illegal substance, particularly drugs.
(2) To be using drugs or found to be using through a test
(3) Shifty, greasy, unkempt, possession bad manners; having “redneck” qualities.
(4) A mullet

(1) I'm not going to the concert with you if you are dirty. We might get busted.
(2) Barry Bonds never showed up dirty on his tests because he took measures to ensure he showed clean.
(3) She's so dirty; he must be mad about her to wanna go out with someone s-o-o-o-o on the other side of the tracks.
(4) Dawg the Bounty Hunter has a helluva dirty.

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Dirty - what is it?

weed mixed with cocaine

that nigga twitchin like that cause he smoked a dirty

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What does "Dirty" mean?

In the South, a girl, friend, pal, person.

Hey, dirty. What's good?

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Dirty - what does it mean?

Way of ordering/preparing a martini; made by adding a splash of olive juice to a martini (atop the usual dry vermouth and vodka/gin), garnished with an olive.

"Grey Goose martini, dirty, please."

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adj. Possessing narcotics or other illegal substances hidden on your person.

Person 1: The fucking pigs are pulling us over, you clean?

Person 2: Shit-nah n*gga. I'm dirty.

Person 1: Swallow that shit real quick.

Person 2: A'ight

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a little slut

Looks go out and scoop up some dirties tonight.

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really good. a superlative, sick, awesome

Micah is real good at basketball.
Yeah, he's dirty.

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not clean

i was in the mud, i am now dirty.

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1. Something that has dirt (or something like that) on it

2.Something that has to do with sex

Person1: Ew man, ur mom is dirty

Person2: Um, what kind of Dirty?

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horny, sexually exciting, explicit

That was a dirty movie.

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