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What is Debbie?

The chick that thinks shes fat and tells everybody to make her feel better about herself. Debbies usually like to wear different varieties of eye shadow and are extremely attracted to sams.

Jake: Look at that chick over there looking at her tummy in the mirror!

Amanda: She's definitely a Debbie. But maybe she's pregnant.

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Debbie - what is it?

fat girl name, commonly found in a donut truck feasting to feed her neck children

any girl called Debbie

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What does "Debbie" mean?

Trying to find out who the new girl is? Perhaps a girl with a name like Debbie? If so, you will find the following very helpful. A person named Debbie has a huge love for animals. It may come to notice that she is funny, nice, caring, and can be mean when she wants to. She is very fiesty or sometimes shy when you first meet her but, once she gets use to you her real personality will shine. I have not really figured out who Debbie really is but, I know for sure she hides her pain. I personally find it very hard to make her mad so good luck with that. She is the smart-ass in class and, will most likely be the person to make you really mad. She can piss you off like she can push a red button. I believe she finds it fun to make people mad but, maybe i'm wrong. She loves making people laugh too. A person with a name of Debbie is very creative and adventurous and has huge dreams for the future. She will most likely be the one to bring you a pizza when your at work or even at school. Debbie is a good friend and will try her best to never lose you. She keeps her promises ill tell you that.

Between me and you the Debbie I have is very pretty too.

Human Number 1: Haio
Candy: What do you want popo head.
Human Number 1: Faints*
2 minutes later--
Human Number 1: Where am I?
Candy: I ate you....

Debbie: Where am I?
Human Number 1: Your in th--
Debbie: Screams* hits with high heal**

Oops did I mention she is very strong..... No..? ook Byebye (Β°^Β°)

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Debbie - what does it mean?

What fans of the Legend of Zelda called Ghirahim, the villain of Skyward Sword, before his name was officially announced, because of his flamboyant, slightly feminine appearance

Debbie is such a fabulous villain! But surprisingly scary.

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Debbie - meaning

Debbie is an amazing girl who deserves the world. She always goofy or showing the best smile! She is the best best friend anybody could have and loves helping people out. A lot of Debbies are known to be an Aries. Debbie is not replaceable and she is not to be messed around with. Did I mention she’s funny?

Person 1: who’s that?
Person 2: that’s definitely a Debbie😍

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Debbie - definition

Debbie name girl

Debbie is a beautiful girl.

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Debbie - slang

One of the most perfect people in the universe. They are so talented and they can do anything. They'll stay with you no matter what and you can never be mad at them. They are the funniest people you'll ever meet as well as the smartest. They'll never talk behind your back and will always support you.

Debbie can be anyone's best friend

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This girl will have your back through the toughest times and has got the spirit of lion. You are lucky to have a Debbie like mine. You and her may fight but in the end you and her will over rule the arrgument with your heartfelt friendship.

Debbie I love you to the moon and back bestie!

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Debbie, is a weird person that is highly intelligent but doesn't like to show it , she can be a harmful but a loving person at times,she has a very high self-stem but it can be demolished at a quick speed, she doesn't like being told shes a gold digger when she is not, she can seem like a very depressing person at times but when you get to know her a little bit you will see she's a happy smart shy person,she hates seeing animals being abused, she has good intentions but just doesn't like to show it ,Debbie has a sweet and noble heart all tho you might not see it shes hiding in a shell that keeps her true self locked inside she thinks that if she keeps her true self locked in she wont be able to get hurt as much but she pretends to be a strong character when shes really not just a lonely shy girl, don't fall for the strong act,she puts up that strong act to not get hurt ,she lets lose from time to time but inside she just has some mixed feeling that are raging to come out,she's a good friend to have if your a person she doesn't like you she still sticks up for u when u getting bullied i think Debbie shouldn't be alone she should have someone to share her life with and yes these are my thoughts and yes i am a debbie and this is what i feel

debbie is a one of a kind person if you a person like that your more than lucky .find someone like that i dare u :D by: teacup ;-; this is what i am if you dont like it walk away from my awkwardness

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A friend till the end, she's got your back no matter what. A constant source of intense laughter. Speaker of the greatest smart-ass comments ever heard. An extremely beautiful person on the outside. Has an even more impressive inner beauty (if you are open-minded enough to look) Has more strength than all previous heavy-weight champions combined.

Gosh, I could sure use a Debbie on my side right now!

I was rolling on the floor from that Debbie.

Dr. Smith, for my surgery, I'd like you to make me look like a Debbie.

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