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What is Dante?

Has a big dick and treats a girl right

He's a ysn (young street nigga) but still has a good heart and would do anything for the people he loves

He's a Dante.He's street smart and gets in trouble alot but still has a good heart

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Dante - what is it?

1.) Author and protagonist of The Divine Comedy. Given tour of the afterlife by Virgil.
2.) Awesome half-demon badass from the Devil May Cry videogames. Has a now-dead brother named Virgil. Completely de-badassified and stripped of personality in the second game.

"Dude, did you play Devil May Cry 2?"
"Yeah. What happened to Dante's personality?"

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What does "Dante" mean?

Dante. The most amazing person ever. When you meet him your heart will soar, and your eyes will pop out of your skull because this will be love at first sight. He will wait for you and chase you and once he gets you he will treat you like a princess. He will spend every waking minute texting or talking to you. He will take you out a lot and never let you pay for it. He will be loving and kind and do spontaneous things. When you think he couldnt get any better, he will then introduce you to his whole family. After his family loves you, he will then tell you how much you really mean to him and then tell you he loves you. Once you find a Dante, never EVER let him go.

Vimbai- Hey Morgan, how are things going with Dante?
Morgan- Oh you know how perfect he is.
Vimbai- Yeah he treats you like his very own princess.
Morgan- I know. He and I have been in love ever since we met on New Years Eve 2012/2013.

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Dante - what does it mean?

Two words:
HUGE PENIS. He is great in bed. Like he has something big in those pants. But he won't show it to any girl. He will wait till that one girl comes where she will be lucky enough to see it.

My penis is nine inches, I have a dante!

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the sexxiest name ever

mmmmmmmmm dante b lookin good

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Dante is a guy who has a lot more to himself than you think. He isn't shy but isnt really outgoing. He'd much rather be at home, alone, then at school facing all the work and challenge it brings. He goes to school anyways to see his friends, whom he trusts with most of his secrets and untold emotions. He respects those that he feels deserve his respect and when it comes to what he believes in, nothing can change his mind. He is wise, very wise. He gives the best advice and tries his best to understand you. His personality is different. He can be mean but can also be the sweetest in the world. He is loyal, trustworthy, kind, caring, loving, honest, and everything good in a person you could find. He has the biggest heart and a brave soul. He's also incredibly funny and has real skills when it comes to video games. He is the most amazing person you will ever meet and one you will never forget. He will change your life and change it for the better.

That Dante is good at this game

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A guy who is light skin and sexy. His dress game is always on point and correct. He's very smart and sophisticated. When he loves, he will love you like no other and treat you like royalty. If you even meet a guy with this name and description you should keep him close and never let him go.

Dante is just about the most attractive man I know. That's the marriage type.

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The most amazingly handsome man. Stunning, perfect, beautiful, sexy and is the finest man you will meet in a life time. He's a man who is a class above classes and i can't begin to describe the truly magnificent person he is. He will touch your heart with his poetry; he will bless your spirit with his grace; he will love you like no other has loved you and he is the most giving human being to exist. you have not met a true gentleman until you meet Dante. He places his faith in the universe and is a lover of the arts. and music is his passion, his comforter his soul. He is someone who will stand by you no matter the circumstance. A loving God who is more than he will ever know. A person who has blessed my life and i love him dearly, if only he knew just how much he means to me. each letter he has written, each poem he has written i breath it and he is appreciated beyond. If truly are a lucky oyster if you have him in your life because he is like the pearl of the life.

- Oh my God have you seen Dante today?
- i have i met him and he is the most amazing guy ever
- have you read all the beautiful poetry he writes
- yes beautiful and it has changed my life... the more you read the more you can see what a Divine soul he is. He is special... very special.

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Gods right hand man, deliverer of god, Most beautiful and sexy being.

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Dante, the sweetest most amazing gentlemen you will ever meet. He brings so much joy into your life every single day. He has a smile that could light up an entire city. His laughter is contagious to those around him. His hugs send sparks through your entire body and he doesnt just give you butterflies in your belly, he gives you the entire zoo. Hes the kind of person who makes you want to be a better person, and everyone needs somebody like that in there life. He is one of the happiest, most delightfull people you will ever meet. He will change you life from the moment you meet him. He so reliable, you can always alwasy count on him. You can trust him with your life, your heart. Everyday he goes out of the way to show how much he cares for you. He will suprise you everyday with the amount of passion and dedication he holds. He takes your breath away everytime god allows you to see his prescious, stunning, handsome self, it stops time. When you hold his hand its like electricity and when you kiss his sweet sweet lips you feel ontop of the universe. When he looks into your eyes you feel it, you feel the love and affection he has for you. I am blessed to say this man is my best friend and i am completely and madly in love with him.

delightfull handsome caring bright amazing Dante loving

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