Definder - what does the word mean?

What is DDs?

Don't dick suck

"Aye this my girl dds"

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DDs - what is it?

acronym meaning Drinking, Drugs & Sex. Used when describing an intense weekend of partying.

Just a heads up, this weekend will be intense. Fun filled with DDS!

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What does "DDs" mean?

DDS are a collective of around 50 graffiti artists that are from london, one of the most infamous and prolific crews ever.

DDS, Graffiti, london, crews, writing, taggers, burners, vandalism, Diabolical DubstarS

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DDs - what does it mean?

stands for dragon dagger super poison, on runescape. you have to have 60+ atk to weild, and u have to have done lost city of zanaris quest. it does awsome damage and pwns noobs by poisoning them first, then owning them with special atk.

me: im a noob want to help me explore the wildy?
other noob: sure (thinking since i dont have a wep out i suck)
i whip out a dds, and two hit him
noob: oh no! a dds! ahhhh! you noob!

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Dead Dick Syndrome. This is the male version of menopause. When you become older (40's and so on) your erections will lose its stamina while being in bed with your partner.

Jan: Damn, Todd. We've gotta do something about your DDS.

Todd: Like what?

Jan: Sexual enhancement pills oughta cure your problem. It'll increase that dead dick of yours.

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Double Ds, big sexy boobs.

Tell me there are some DDs at this show!

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Dumb Douglas slut

Marissa C. is such a DDS she gave me head the first time we hung out!

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Doctor of Dental Surgery. A dentists degree. A four to five year program requiring two to four years of pre-requisite courses.

Dr. John Smith BSc, DDS

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Designated Dick Sucker

I really wasn't in the mood so I Assigned my man a DDS.

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noun: abbreviation for Duterte's Diehard Supporters; Usually used by internet trolls in the news section (not only trolls but also idiots who bow down to pres. Duterte and idolize him)

Why did you protest about *insert social issue* ? Maybe someone paid you to protest about it, am I right fellow DDS?

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