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What is Crunk Cup?

What my 40-something year old co-worker (irish lookin fro wearin whitey) thinks his 1970's glass from his home cabinet is when he is mixing his "herbal" teas at work.
He originally called it a G-Unit Goblet....we set him he now thinks this is his crunk cup.

I need to give a demo on the latest software using my faithful crunk cup by my side. Yo.

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Crunk Cup - what is it?

A goblet or chalice that "pimps" carry around with them at social gatherings. Usually ridiculously decorated in a "sparkly" fashion. In fact, it looks like someone gave a kid with ADD infinite access to a "Bedazzler" and a china cabinet. Usually carries around "Cristal" (krih-stahl) immitations and such.

"That cup's spackled more with diamonds than my toilet with shit after I eat too mush Taco del Mar!"
"Word dawg, thass a Crunk Cup all up in dis."
"So that's what happened to my goddamn Bedazzler..."
"Niggah what?"

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