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What is Come on?

What you say when someone says or does something stupid.
Originally seen on Football Night in America.

Can be elongated or stretched out if quote/action is incredibly stupid. i.e. cooommmme oooonnnn, mmaaaaannnnn.

Tim: "Do you think that coke machine accepts pennies?"
Me: "Come On, Man."

Jeff: *playing basketball, shoots an airball when his teammates were open.
Teammates: "Come On, Man!"

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Come on - what is it?

1.Shouted (at enormous volume) when first realising it is kicking off, firstly to let your boys know that "those other cunts arent getting away with this", and also, to: strike the fear of death into their very soles. Aided greatly by the consumption of premium lager (preferably stella).

2.Screamed at the television, whilst in the pub, in a bid to spur on ones choice of football team.

3.The act of ejaculating on several males.

1.(Walking out of a club to see your mate has incited violence by trying to pull a bird infront of her boyfriend and is getting filled in) "COME ON LADS!!!" Run over and rap a bottle round his face.

2.(England have scored a crucial goal) "COME ON LADS!!!" "This ginger cunt is well better than that swedish twat".

3.The directors reply when the fresh faced debutant of a gay pornographic movie enquires "what do I need to do boss?"

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What does "Come on" mean?


A phrase used to express support for someone who, having started out well, is inevitably losing at a game/activity.

Originally used by forlorn British supporters of Tim Henman, a notorious tennis semi-finalist.

Harry (to Mark, a valiant but unwieldy semi-pro boxer): "Come on, Tim!"
John: "Man, no need to rub salt in his wounds."

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Come on - what does it mean?

Generally used to ask people to visit you (drop by at your house, your office, etc.)

-Why don't you come on over to my house at 5:00?
-Sure, I'll come. You want me to grab something to drink?

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Come on

to try to attract someone romantically or sexually

She felt bold and confident enough to come on to him at the party.

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Come on

The un-intentional catch phrase of Zack Scott on YouTube, usually iterated in times of frustration.

Oh Come On! Mac!

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Come on

A phrase that can be used to instantaneously pacify any situation, as depicted on a South Park episode.

After it became known that the phrase was used to rectify the long-standing altercation between the Bloods and the Crips, people told the Israelis and Palestinians to just "come on", and they all finally came to their senses. A few months later, the guys working for a New World Order were told to come on, and they instantly lost interest in their plans for world domination. Later everyone got together and smoked a bowl.

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Come on

1) Another way to say "hurry up".
2) An expression of disbelief, similar to "what's up with that?".
3) To ejaculate on an object or person.

George: "Come on, we're gonna be late!"
Shirley: "Hold on, I've gotta find a new dress to wear. My old one got come on."
George: "Come on! You're such a dumb slut!"

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Come on

Come on is a fast phrase which is meant to persuade someone into understanding a different perspective.

It can be used to attempt to help someone agree/convince them that you have their best intentions in mind.

Come on can also mean that somebody is being too slow, and they need to do something faster.

"Come on" isn't meant to be used literally.

However, the phrase is common, yet vague, nondescript, and should not be used.

I'm trying to get you to agree with me; come on, man!

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Come on

The single most persuasive phrase in the English language.

Michael: I'm not sure I want to do this.
Gob: Come on!

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