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What is Come here?

Starts with "Come here" and ends with "Ow"

"What starts with come here and ends with ow?"
"Come here"

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Come here - what is it?

A term used between loved ones to express that they want the other person to come over to where they are, in a non-threatening manner.

Father to little daughter in suburban shopping mall: Come here bitch!

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What does "Come here" mean?

a phrase mainly used by rednecks and other southerners to get a black male's attention in a rude, racial manner.

Old redneck: You n***er over there! Come here boy!

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Come here - what does it mean?

When you grab the shaft of your penis and tap it against the clit multiple times as she moans and begs for your dick even though she is probably seriously talking to another guy.

George gave Mikayla the ol" come here gurl.

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Come here - meaning

Aside from being the most cliched pick-up line, this phrased is used can be used in other social situations.

1. What you say when you are in a group conversation and everyone randomly stops talking.

2. What you say when you first arrive somewhere after your friends have been there longer.

Aaren: hahahahaha..
Alan: hahaha..........

Scott: So.. you come here often?

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Come here - definition

When someone asks you to come over and "do it".

Come here daddy, YEAHHHHH!!!!

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Come here - slang

Used to invite someone for a hug

"I missed you, Sam!"
"Aww, Sammy, I missed you too."
"Come here, you."

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Come here

What Cardi B said to Nicki Minaj before she threw that red shoe.

Bitch, come here! Bitch, come here! Bitch, come here! Bitch, come here!

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Come here

A phrase used after someone says something stupid so you can slap them upside the head.

"Kanye West is a nice person." "Now come here!"

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Come here

the first time a girl is fingered. insert your finger in her vagina and make the "come here" motion

dude, last night I had Stacey come here, she loved it!

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