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What is Chelsea?

Chelseas are outgoing and witty when they reveal their true self to you. They are overall good people and just want a hug most of the time. Chelseas get hurt easily and often make lots of mistakes. They are always on their phone on snapchat. Chelseas regularly don’t feel good about their bodies and their appearances but pretend everything is okay. They put other people’s needs before theirs and make everyone happy around them. Chelseas often get sad and lonely but a hug will make them feel much better. Chelseas get turned on very easily and do anything to get down and dirty. They often feel left out and like they don’t belong in their friend group. Chelsea are often outcasts and unworthy. Overall Chelsea are really nice people and are fucking funny as.

Wow she’s acting like such a Chelsea today!

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Chelsea - what is it?


Chelsea is sexy

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What does "Chelsea" mean?

Chelsea is silently confident. She keeps to herself, but has a few friends. This isn’t because she’s rude or mean, but because she is independent enough not to need many. She has a close relationship with those she loves most, and enjoys spending time with family. Chelsea is also quite studious, putting much time and effort into her line of work or education. She’s mature beyond her years, which sounds like a good thing, but it’s also her greatest fault. It’s hard for her to have fun if she knows she could be better at something that requires practice. Her friends advice her to let loose and have a good time, but she finds it hard. Still, people enjoy Chelsea’s company as she’s a great friend.

Chelsea’s whole life revolves around a few friends, family, and hard work.

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Chelsea - what does it mean?

Inspired by YOU: Season 2 Episode 3

Chai Chelsea Buns. Pure & wholesome ecstasy. The kind you just wanna devour & can't stop dripping sweet sugar. That's you, Love. My fantasy.

Men and women can't be just friends, Chelsea. You should know that by now. Don't run baby let me taste you instead.

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Chelsea is the name of a kind, heartwarming, and beautiful person. Chelsea is the name of someone that at first may seem shy, but once you get to know her, she is absolutely amazing. Chelsea's often may not realize how amazing, smart, kind, and beautiful they truly are. Everyone should have a Chelsea in their lives.

Boyfriend: I think we should break up
Girlfriend: but why?
Boyfriend: I need someone that stands out from the rest. I need a Chelsea,

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A Chelsea is a ride or die friendship she will do whatever to make sure your happy. She also loves hard for her friends. Don’t get it twisted she doesn’t put up with fake people and bs. She is the prettiest girl you’ll ever met and has a big booty. Did I also mention that her pussy is squirter and is bomb. She knows how to please a man and has a good head game. Chelsea’s are people that you don’t wanna lose as a friend.

Guy #1: Whose that

Guy #2: Oh that’s Chelsea she was some good pussy

Guy #1: I should say hi to her

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Chelsea is a stunning, beautiful girl. She is understanding, lovely and has an amazing heart & soul. Her brilliant mind and grace is truly one of a kind. If you happen to strike a conversation with her - she'll leave a lasting impression on you.

Chelsea is a beauty and daydream all wrapped in one.

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A very nice person with a big heart. She usually goes out of her way to please people. Sometimes even to the point where she doesn't think of herself. Great at giving advice.

"Can you give me some advice?" "No, you should go to Chelsea."

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Chelsea is a smart, intelligent, kind hearted girl. She is attractive yet is waiting for the right man to come into her life. She is rich but not spoilt.She is a straight A student who will probably become a doctor or lawyer. She has long dark hair and big brown eyes that you could stare into for all eternity. She is probably religious but when someone insults her, her friends or family she will roast the fuck outta you. She loves singing and is really good at it and she is a talented artist as well. Chelsea has 1 special best friend yet she has a group of other friends.

I wish I had a Chelsea in my life.

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Chelsea's are the type of girls who are always taking in people's problems but only gets shit in return, she also believes everyone should be treated fairly which makes her nice to everyone. Chelsea is gorgeous and many people believe so too but she is very insecure about her body. When a Chelsea is with her bestfriends she is sphyco and will often make anyone around her laugh so hard and she has a unique laugh . No one can resist her beauty and anyone who knows her well enough will not want to ever let her go Chelsea's can be annoying at times but LOVES having deep conversations with people she is close too. Chelsea is a very popular girl that everyone comes to for advice on things because she is super trustworthy and is usually an outstanding girlfriend who loves hugs. Chelsea loves nature and being outside with music.... never ever interrupt her when she is listening to her music because often her music puts her into thinking moods and she hates when people disturb that. She is also a girl who is amazing with young children and babies. Never let go of a Chelsea you will regret it !!

woahh, I'm so lucky to have Chelsea she is the best thing that ever happened to me

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