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What is Cactus?

A fucking spikey devils plant

“a cactus is a fucking spikey devils plant”

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Cactus - what is it?

A prickly plant that is fun to drop on people.

Ow, that cactus was dropped on me and now my head hurts.

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What does "Cactus" mean?

Someone who gets alot of pussy, but is still thirsty for some reason.

"Yooo I need to get some bro!"

"Nigga you just had sex like a day ago.."

"I knowwww but Im still fuckin thirsty!"

"You a cactus ass nigga.."

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Cactus - what does it mean?

An acronym for Cocky Ass Cracker Talking Uber Shit

Yo that son of a bitch is a cactus

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Cactus - meaning

misunderstood. someone who looks like they can hurt you. someone who's intentions are always good but end up hurting people they love due to their nature. beautiful disasters.

She scared me- but her voice was sweet and her eyes engulfed me into a trance. She was a cactus, and I knew getting close was going to hurt.

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Cactus - definition

A spikey plant found commonly in deserts. Cacti when refering to more than one.

You walk into the desert an there are fairly tall green spikey plants, these are cacti. A cactus on it's own in a desert is near impossible.

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Cactus - slang

Slang term for being really out-of-it; caused by being overly tired, stoned, hungover, or just generally spaced-out, etc.

Person 1: "Wait, what time did you say he was coming over again? I keep forgetting..."

Person 2: "Wow, I've told you like three times.... Cactus!"

Person 1: "Haha, yeah- I'm mad cactus."

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A child-friendly way of swearing.

person: That is such bull-cactus!

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A Cactus is just an office plant but deadlier. A Cactus uses others in their workplace as collateral damage in order to gain their bosses approval. A cactus has no limits in throwing the number of colleagues under the bus but generally singles out 1 certain colleague who is already not in favour with the said boss.

Boy Sheldo has really stepped it up lately and become a cactus, just so he can get that certificate.

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The type of thing you don't wanna use to wipe your ass.

I adopted a cactus last month. I feel less lonely.

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