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What is CUTE?

The person reading this

Your cute

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CUTE - what is it?

attractive, esp. in a delicately beautiful way; pleasingly pretty; affectedly or pretty or clever; precious; mentally keen; clever; self-consciously cute mannerisms or appeal; Caroline

a cute kid; a cute little apartment; "Caroline is sooooooooo cute!"

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What does "CUTE" mean?

A girl who is lovely, dreamy and has more than just a pretty face.

Hey maryam you're cute

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CUTE - what does it mean?

someone really sweet and kind and all you can do is smile when you look at them. Their just so great and cute to be around.

he's so cute like a Janyk Theron

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CUTE - meaning

Something that is adorable and makes you feel warm inside.

Rachel and Matt are so cute together!

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CUTE - definition

most innocent way to call someone pretty

she is just so cute lonquesha

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CUTE - slang


You are the definition of cute!

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this is a phrase used to describe a person or thing that is cute but to the extreme.

“Did you see the new kid today? He is totally cute-cute!!!”

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Sas, smart, rude, a form of disrespect

Hey mom how am i suppose to do whats already been done .... Clarissa dont get "cute".

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Very good looking. But not someone that knows they are cute. Occasionally the boy knows he is good looking. But girls are always saying how cuuutueeeee that boy looks! Good lookin.
And sweet boy too. :)

Guy Walker Chadwick is sooo CUTE.

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