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Taken "Lacoste"'s logo (Company of clothing)

Name for person who wears fancy & expensive clothes.

"Yesterday i went to the prom. there was too many Crocodiles down there.

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CROCODILE - what is it?

1. A person that is toxic and refuses to change.

2. A person unable to evolve into new ways of thinking.

3. An aggressively opinionated person that has no sense of morality and cannot see past their own biases.

Hey, did you tell him that he's being a bit racist?

No, I don't have time to argue with a crocodile, that man is too stuck in his ways.

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What does "CROCODILE" mean?

insincere or false when used adjectivally. From crocodile tears (=false sympathy).

She gave me a crocodile smile.

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CROCODILE - what does it mean?

Verb: To Love
Noun: Love

Verb: I crocodile you.
Noun: I have crocodile in my heart.

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Any person of (significantly) mixed race.

Aww, look at that crocodile baby, he's got blue eyes and an afro!


Barack Obama isn't black, he's a crocodile!

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Australian slang - colloquial term for an amorous female

wrestling a crocodile
ie - to engage in consensual intercourse with an amorous female

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The male queer version of cougar. Typically 40 years or above, likes to hook up with younger queer men. The crocodile frequents gay dance clubs and public bathhouses.

Mario: OMG, that crocodile is totally hitting on me.

Cody: You're lucky, I LOVE me some crocodile meat!

Mario: I will give him your number.

Cody: Sweet! Just call me the Croc Hunter!

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An older gay man who preys on/lusts after young gay men; a gay cougar of sorts.

"He likes expensive wine too much. He's total crocodile bait."

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Refers to when you go down on a woman and if you're good, from her vantage point you look like a crocodile because all she can see are your eyes.

Also, "Playing Crocodile", "Want to play Crocodile"

"Hey we haven't played Crocodile in a while honey, why don't you head down to my swamp and eat some fish".

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An animal that could've killed Steve Irwin until a stupid stingray decided to do it instead.

(Sometime in 2003)

Steve Irwin - As you can see, this ferocious crocodile is showing some aggressiveness, crikey!

(On the morning of Monday, September 4, 2006)

Steve Irwin - That motherfucking stingray just stung me in my chest with its poisonous barb! Thanks to all my fans for a wonderful life that shouldn't have been taken away so abruptly.

(Steve Irwin dies soon after he's pulled out of the water)

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