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What is Blue Hat?

It’s literally the same thing as the word cap no cap!

Veronica :you’re cock is so big omg
Zack:No 🧢 I been knew this shit/ hints the blue hat emoji

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Blue Hat - what is it?

Some guy in a Korean kids show

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What does "Blue Hat" mean?

Used to show that you or another person have autism because of the similarity to the “Please be patient I have autism” hat

Keep it up and I’ll drop a blue hat emoji on you

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Blue Hat - what does it mean?

used as “cap” which means a lie

y’all are annoying 🚫🧢 { blue hat emoji } (no cap)“

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Blue Hat - meaning

"cap"; to lie about something

"That nigga capping" blue hat emoji

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Blue Hat - definition

The act of defecating into a fellow work college's hard hat (preferably a stand in supervisor) for shits and giggles.

Damn.. that loaf I just pinched off into Alan's hard hat was the most satisfying Alabama blue hat I've done since the bass straight...A real steamer

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Blue Hat - slang

In a similar style to president trumps 2016 red MAGA hat, 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang's blue MATH hat has become a symbol of him and his supporters, the YangGang who have started using the blue hat emoji in their twitter usernames to aid in quickly identifying each other.

"Be sure to add the Blue Hat Emoji to your name so everyone'll know your Yang Gang."

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Blue Hat

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Who Is Blue Hat Hacker?

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Blue Hat

Boston area slang - One who is different simply for the sake of being different. Often wears dirty old clothes and does stupid, outlandish things in public for attention. Wants everyone to know they are different.

"Ayo, you seen those blue hats carrying around dead squirrels our front the building son? Dudes are wilin'."

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