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What is Berate?

The act of berating another person.

Society allows the beration of his fanbase because he no longer has time to sort the misconceptions.

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Berate - what is it?

Berat, a beautiful person who is kind and gentle. He might look intimidating but he is actually very sweet. Someone who cares deeply about his loved ones.

I’m dating a Berat.

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What does "Berate" mean?

A nickname for the current and fourth White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, because of her propensity to spend most of the time at the podium actively berating the press.

The White House Press Berater has progressively established herself as a laughingstock and what’s worse is that the Trumpster doesn’t even watch her doing it!

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Berate - what does it mean?

A turkish person, often rich and drives a black Mercedes. He is short. He thinks he can get girls, if he ever does its guaranteed to be a ugly ass bitch. He is most likely to be from the black sea area.

You remind me of a berat.

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Berate - meaning

To lick/kiss intensely around a mans penis

Before a good bj a start berating

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Berate - definition

FROM THE REAL BERAT- Dear friends, My name is not wrong its supposed to mean a city in Germany also the german hat.


"Let's go to the city of Berat"

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Berate - slang

An arrogant , but SEXY man who is funny & charming!! He is tall in height and has a HUGE penis he calls TREX! He doesnt need a black benz to pick up stare at a women with his dark brown bedroom eyes have them falling to their knees!

I want to date a Berat

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To use insults and feminine nicknames, such as β€œstupid Suzy tampon princess” to emasculate your stepson and make him dead inside.

I’m dead inside because my stepfather used to berate me with insults and emasculate me with feminine nicknames.

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