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What is Bench Mob?

To benchpress.

This invloves lying horizontally, with free barbell perpendicular to one's body. The target muscles are the pectorals, although the arms are also givena workout. The closer together one's hands, the more work is done by the triceps. The further apart, the more work is done by the biceps.

Incline benchpresses can also be used, to focus on either the upper chest (upwards incline) or lower chest (lower incline- pretty much un-needed)

The world record for benching is about 728 pounds.

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Bench Mob - what is it?

noun: related to "bitch" and "girlfriend". A snarky self identifying term that stems from American Idol's Season 8 winner Kris Allen, who apparently used the term in relation to a literal park bench on camera, but was told to not say it again on camera because with his southern accent it sounded like "bitch".

The term has been subsequently adopted by fans, most notably those from ONTD_AI.

"You already saw the new Kris Allen interview? Where at? Come on, hook a bench up!"

"Benches unite! Give 'til it hurts for Haiti!"

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What does "Bench Mob" mean?

Removed from a game or removed from play; can be applied to any situation where one is not permitted to participate in an activity.

Derived from the sporting world where players often sit on a bench when not playing. A player can be benched for many reasons including but not limited to: playing or performing poorly or sucking, disobeying the coach or leader, unsportsmanlike conduct, not following the game plan, showing up late, etc.

Coach says I'm benched because I can't catch today.

Man I thought I had a chance with that cute girl over there but she totally benched me.

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Bench Mob - what does it mean?

the time spent photographing or watching graffiti on trains, more specifically passenger and freight trains.

we set up the grill and drank all day while we were out were out in milwaukee, benching by miller park

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Bench Mob

For a girl to sit on a guy's lap facing him while they kiss.

'Were you guys standing or did you bench him?'

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Bench Mob

(Irish origin)For a girl to sit on a guys lap facing him while Making out

Girl 1 Did ya meet him at core(disco)

girl 2 yea I was benching him for ages

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Bench Mob

Benching is when you start dating someone you think is nice and who has potential, but you're not crazy about them. You don't know wether to keep dating them, or dump them and move on to the next one. This is where benching happens; instead of going for either of the above polarized options, you put your date in your mental 'maybe' folder and 'bench them' so you date around to see what else is out there.

Sarah: How's your dating life going, Jill, weren't you seeing that guy Jack?
Jill: Yeah I am, sort of. He's just ok, so I've been benching him and dating around more.

John: Hey Jack, how are things going with that girl Jill you're dating?
Jack: Idk man, I know she's seeing other guys, and I think I've been benched.

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Bench Mob

Dog piled by teammates out of excitement

Braxton Beverly's teammates bench mobbed him after he hit a three point buzzer beater to beat Clemson.

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Bench Mob

The name for the 2017-18 Toronto Raptors bench

Person 1: Yo did you see Fred VanVleet last night?
Person 2: Yuhh he’s really stepping up for the bench mob

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Bench Mob

Nickname for the 2010-11 Chicago Bulls' bench players.

Did you just see that Taj Gibson monster dunk?! Another homicide committed by the Bench Mob!

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