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What is Bang?

to sex without discretion in a volitile manner

Like like to bang that chick over there

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Bang meme gif

Bang - video

Bang - what is it?

To be involved in gang, or gang like, activities. Such as selling drugs, or pimping hos.

"I bang wit da Ballas Punk."

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What does "Bang" mean?

When your bang your either surprised or scared

Person ~ exe this youngster is a bang of me
Jack"exe did you hear the gun shot last night "
Zack"Ya I was bang"

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Bang - what does it mean?

To fail (especially a test) badly.

Chi: How was our math test.
Teacher: I have been marking zeros since.


Chi: You guys we banged math.
Ore: Guy! I can't bang math.

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Bang - meaning

A big or small exploitation or large noise

After the bomb went off there was a large bang

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Bang - definition

- Usually describing a loud noise an object made in text form.

- Slang for having sex with a person. Mostly douche teen guys use it.

- The gun went bang when the person be hind it pulled the trigger.

-Guy1: Yo, dude! I totally just banged that chic after the party!
Guy2: Score, dude!

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Bang - slang

to participate in gang affiliated activities

that nigga bangs

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to shoot up drugs

i'll clean your needle after i bang with it

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1. Slang term used when referring to sexual intercourse between a male and a female.
2. Slang term used when referring to what you got.
3. Slang term used when referring to killing someone because they messed around.

1. Yo, I banged this hott bitch last night.
2. Yo dawg. Ya watch im' a bang.
3. Ya fucked 'round wit the wrong nigga bitch. Now Im' a bang.

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To inject a drug intravenously (IV), by dissolving it, usually in water or saline, and then using a needle (often called a rig), usually an insulin needle, to inject the resulting solution into a vein. Also known as boosting, shooting, et cetera. When a particular drug, like coke, or smack, is banged, it'll give the user a "rush," or high, not felt via any other route of ingestion of that particular drug.

I got me a gram of coke, and banged only a quarter of it. Gave me one hell of a bellringer, man! Was some real good shit!

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