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What is Badonkers?

mmmm... interesting but yet confusing

When you are in hum-drum kinda form and someone is talking and wants you to lay down an opinion on something you just go badonk

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Badonkers - what is it?

To hit something with a force on the head.

Yakul: Hammy has pissed me right off
Greg: Just badonk them next time you see 'em.
Yakult: You know what, maybe I will. :)

*Yakult uses a plank of wood to badonk Hammy unconscious*


*Yakult badonks Hammy till his teeth fell out*

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What does "Badonkers" mean?

Verb. To slap (someone) in the face with your penis.

Dirk was badonked by Derek's emmense manhood.

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Badonkers - what does it mean?

An ass. ass, butt, rear

Check out Susie's badonker!

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Badonkers - meaning

1. someone who is so lame and does not know what they are doing. a more detailed version of a loser. a name given to people who just gotta stop and prevent themselves from embarrassing what they are doing, hence being called a badonk.

person 1: i think justin bieber loves me...
person 2: wow, just stop you badonk.

p1: im so amazing and pretty.
p2: no you're not. you're just a badonk.

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Badonkers - definition

1. Used to describe a person with an unusually voluptuous (large) or ascetic butt.

2. The amount of junk in said persons' trunk will make all of the brothas crazy.

If your "milkshake brings all the boys to the yard", you are most likely "badonked".

"DAYHUM Gurl, u badonked."
(Translation: OH SNAP, lady. Your backside is unusually eye-catching.)

booty donk ass milkshake brings all the boys to yard brotha girl voluptuous ascetic butt looking hott hot dayum dam junk trunk crazy pick up line small little huge big giant enormous gargantuan epic grab dat giggity unce

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Badonkers - slang

An exceptionally large ass that entices black males.

Dang William, that Kelsey sure has a badonk! I'd sure like to jump on that.

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A rather large, round, nicely shaped buttocks that is enticing and enjoyable to the touch.

That woman's badonk protruded nicely from her body.

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-Another word for boobs, women’s uper chest area.
-Something boys rly like to look at and touch.
term made by Julie

Pam Anderson has huuuuuuuuuge BADONKERS

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She's got some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big old tonhongerekoogers. Giant bonkhonagahoogs. HUMONGOUS hungolomghnonoloughongous.


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