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What is Backpedaling?

An action in which one is almost always ready to do a group activity, but when it comes time to show up, they always have a reason not to participate. Most people know or have known a backpedaler at one point or another.

Lily: Oh man, lets all participate in a fun party game or event!
Everyone else: Wow! That sounds like a great idea, lets do it!
Lily: Haha... Actually i don't want to do that, but i'll watch!
Everyone else: You need a new set of tires after backpedaling that hard

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Backpedaling - what is it?

When an idiot says something stupid, then tries to cover it up by saying something stupid again.

Person 1: ur gay
Person 2: I love you too.
Person 1: Just kidding man, you're cool.
Person 2: Quit backpedaling.

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What does "Backpedaling" mean?

the act of running backwards at either normal or high intensity

Today Coach Rob showed us how to backpedal.
I will never be the same again.

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Backpedaling - what does it mean?

i tried doin that shit on my bike when i was a kid and i fell and broke my fuckin hand. so i punched my bike and broke my other hand! couldnt play cod for weeks!

dont try backpedaling on your bike kids

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Backpedaling - meaning

when you say something that you dont mean but then you say something else to cover it up

james: you are hot
sam: what?
james: i mean, every woman says so
sam: stop backpedaling

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Backpedaling - definition

It's what happens when you go in thunderdome and talk shit to everyone who claims to be a internet badass..

Jesus fuckin christ that Rufus loser talked his own ass into a corner.. Now he's backpedaling like a muthafuc'r

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Backpedaling - slang

An easy way to determine if your a shitter in WoW.

Oprahwindfury: “Wow look at that noob over there!”
Undeadprïest: “Yeah dude he’s been backpedaling this whole time

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Backpedaling is a fun, but dangerous activity. To backpedal, one must run backwards. That makes it dangerous because you can't see what is ahead of you in the direction you are running. The writer of this definition broke his wrist while preforming this exercise on the day this definition was written.

In P.E, we were backpedaling around the gym. I tripped, and broke my wrist.

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To reverse to an earlier part of an argument and alter and reuse it later on in the argument. Kind of like how literally backpedaling on a bike makes it reverse, so you can change directions after going the wrong way.

Person 1: The PS4 is selling more than the Xbone!
Person 2: But it doesn't have many games.
Person 1: Your Xbone is still selling less than the PS4!
Person 2: Keep backpedaling.

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Backpedaling is used when one is proven wrong in an arguement and don't want to get their ass whooped!

Jessica: Why are you spreading rumors about me?

Janice: I'm not spreading rumors about you!
Jessica: I seen it on your Facebook!
Janice: That's all a misunderstanding....
Jessica: Don't start backpedaling now that you've been caught!

Janice started backpedaling her story when Jessica threatened to beat her ass!

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