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What is Baby daddy?

A male that fathers a child but is no longer involved with the mother of the child/children,and more than likely not supporting the childern.

Since I got a boyfriend, my baby's daddy won't pay support.

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Baby daddy - what is it?

A guy who is a lousy father, who gots one or more kids with one or more chicks and, thinks he's a pimp. And instead of takin care of the baby he goes out an finds another chick to fuck. Until she too becomes just another baby's momma and he moves on. So on and so forth.

girl one:"Who is that?"
girl two:"That's my dumbass baby daddy and his dumb ho"

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What does "Baby daddy" mean?

1)is usually a sorry ass motherfucker who loves you and makes you all kind of promises until you get pregnant.

2)dat nigga u stoob by while he was looked up cause you had his baby and he promised to take care of you when he got out.

3)a triflin nigga dat got u pregnant stuck around fa a little while till shit got to hard and then he left fa a bicth with moe kids than you got

4)a man with who you have a child with who won't supprt your kid but will marry a chick with kids dat don't belong to him, but get mad and want to kill the niga he see you talkin to caus ya'll aint togetha

1) Donell aint nothin but a sorry ass baby daddy.

2) Girl you know while Chris was locked up he promised to marry me, but that sorry excuse of a baby daddy dipped soon as his feet got outside of the gate.

3)Girl you know we were together for 3 months after i had the baby, but then my baby daddy couldnt handle the responsibilities of being a real man.

4)Girl dat lame ass baby daddy of mine left me to marry a chick with four kids but won't take care of his son.

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Baby daddy - what does it mean?

One who skeets and runs.

Your baby daddy is MIA.

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Baby daddy - meaning

01. A guy who isn't your boyfriend, or your husband, or even really your friend, but happens to be the father of your child.

02. Your boyfriend/husband, who you have a child with, but who ran out, or doesn't come by, or never pays for what the baby needs, so you don't want to call him a husband/boyfriend/father.

03. Can also be used negatively, to insult the supposed father of your child.

01. There go my Baby Daddy. I sho' was drunk that night. What's his name again?

02. He ain't no kind of husband, he just my Baby Daddy.

03. You ain't even my Baby Daddy! It's Jeromes! What do you think about that?

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Baby daddy - definition

Short for "Baby's Daddy". The father of your child, whom you did not marry, and with whom you are not currently involved.

That man isn't my boyfriend, he's my baby daddy.

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Baby daddy - slang

An unplanned relationship with an unplanned guy that had an unplanned baby with you but plans to be your forever lover.

This lesbian decided to sleep with this guy so now he’s her baby daddy .

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Baby daddy

The father of your child; the one who was committed to having sex with you, getting you pregnant but wont commit to marriage. He usually a sorry ass motherfucker who loves you and makes you all kind of promises until you get pregnant. A trifling nigga that got you pregnant stuck around for a little while till shit got to hard and then he left his family for bitch with who wants to get pregnant on purpose because none took her seriously for being a hoe and fucking the entire work environment. A man lies about you and tells the world everything was your fault but get mad and want to kill the nigga he see you talking because yall aren't together anymore. The petty motherfucker who puts a front for the world about his kids but in real life he's a sorry ass joke for the way he treats the mother of his children.

Damn my baby daddy is being petty Bc he thinks I'm talking to some nigga.

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Baby daddy

General term to describe the father of a child who is not married to the mother.

"I'd like to introduce you to John, the baby daddy."
(Note nods and subtle looks of acknowledgment, as the third person now understands baby was conceived out of wedlock and the parent couple relationship may be tenuous or non-existent.

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Baby daddy

a man that is biologically the father of your child but cant buy diapers formula or clothes. but can come over to have screw you both in bed and in your wallet.

LaFanda: did ya meet shanas baby daddy?
Tiffa: nah why?
LaFanda: cuz hes a shady mo'fo ya nah. he went der las mumf to see the baby n ended up knockin her up again n takin eighty bones.
Tiffa: nah uh girl.

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